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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Preston is sick :(

My poor little man isn't feeling well :(  Of course, I've never had one of the boys get sick as a newborn, I think the youngest was Hayden at 7mo when he got croup.  But of course poor Preston would end up sick, I hope this isn't how it's going to be forever for him.

He started getting congested last night before I went to bed and through the night it just got worse, about halfway through the night he couldn't lay flat anymore, he had to sleep up on my arm so he could manage to breathe.  His nose has been running just a little, and it's clear so no infection which is good at least.  His eyes are really bad again, well his right one mostly, it's the worst it's been.  Going to thaw some breast milk and drop it into his eyes every couple of hours until Tues and if it isn't better by then (they are closed on Monday) I will take him to his pediatrician.  Or of course if he gets worse through the weekend I will take him to the ER, especially if the congestion gets bad.  They already warned us that something like that could be really bad for him for awhile still.  Right now he's breathing fine and even managing to nurse fine still but I'm watching him close so it doesn't get bad.

Casen's ear though is so much better since getting the cream the pediatrician told us too.  It's amazing how fast it worked on him.  It was cracked open and really sore, I put it on one night then the next morning and that afternoon the sore was fully healed and it was just pink around it!  Little OCD Casen is always on top of making sure the cream is on there and it's pretty much fully healed up now

We took my van to the shop today thinking it was going to be about $200 for the brakes, which is what they quoted us awhile back.  Then when we got there they said the left front was metal on metal so we'd have to replace that rotor.  He had told Mark when he called him the other day about my car overheating that it was more than likely just needing more fluid that because it's been SO hot here they've had a lot of that.  We put more fluid in it and it drove fine the 30min to the shop, didn't even start to overheat.  But they called us a little while after dropping it off to tell us there was a crack in the radiator so it had to be replaced and so did the other front rotor.  Blah!  Total for all repairs is like $980!!!!  Wayyy more than the $200 we were expecting.  By then I had already gone shopping for Preston some new clothes...oops lol.  We'll figure it out, they should have it done soon though, thing better not have anything else go wrong for a LONG time!

I did have fun shopping for him though!  We went to Carters because he needed more newborn size outfits because he can't fit into 0-3 yet.  I ended up with a mix of newborn and 0-3mo stuff...7 outfits, 2 extra shirts and 2 sleepers all for only $48!!  Love good sales :D

Preston is sleeping in my lap right now, poor little guy feels so bad :(  Praying he doesn't get any worse and that he feels better really soon!

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  1. I hope the little guy feels better soon :(