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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Preston is 2mo old!!

As of 1hr and 40min ago Preston is officially 2mo old!!!  I can't believe it, time is going way too fast, he just needs to slow down!!!  He is now 11lbs 2oz (37th%), that's according to our scale.  He has his 2mo check up on Wed so I will update again after that and also with his length now :)  

The past two days for him though have been bad :(  He isn't feeling well at all.  It started yesterday, he was a little fussy all day but in the evening it got really bad.  For 2hrs straight he just cried, nothing we did seemed to help, he'd calm down for a minute then start screaming again.  Mark and I were back in our room trying to calm him down away from the noise of the boys and Mark looked over at him in my arms and noticed his feet were blue.  I'm not talking purplish, like you get when you are really cold but a VERY bright blue, like he was at birth.  It was very scary.  I put him down and started checking him over and rubbing him all over and after a minute his feet went back to normal, just a little purplish, no where else on his body turned blue that we noticed at least.  He was very veiny like i have talked about before, like you get when you are cold, though he seems to get much worse when he cries, they veiny stuff was VERY purple and has been there since yesterday, usually it comes and goes.  I hope he's ok and it's not anything with his lungs.  

He slept decently last night but started up again this morning as soon as it was light outside.  He was on and off sleeping and fussing all morning.  We ended up losing track of time while dealing with him and missed church which upset me, but I guess a fussy baby in church isn't the best idea anyway.  He's been grumpy all day but again late this afternoon he got really bad.  Crying on and off for hours and he seemed to be in pain.  I noticed when I was putting a diaper on him earlier, I was pulling it around him to fasten in the front (cloth diaper) and when I pulled the tab part he started screaming bad like I had hurt him and I did nothing that SHOULD have hurt him.  I started thinking about it and realized where that put pressure is by your kidneys.  So after that and then noticing how he would get more upset when we'd pick him up by his sides I"m pretty sure it's his kidneys bothering him.  I showed Mark a different way to pick him up that doesn't seem to hurt him and said "instead of touching right here" and set my hands on his sides, not pushing at all and he started screaming again :(  My poor little man, I hate that there is nothing we can do for him and we just have to wait until the 22nd.  3wks from tomorrow, I really hope we get some kind of answers and something that will help him.  

He slept for 4hrs earlier then woke up and I bathed him, which he screamed through, normally he likes his bath :(  He's back asleep now, I hope he sleeps ok tonight and feels better tomorrow.  I'm going to call his pediatrician tomorrow and maybe the urologist that we are waiting to see too and see what they think is going on and if he needs to be seen before Wed.  

I had hoped to get some good 2mo pics today but with him so miserable I didn't, but I did get these when holding him earlier

My poor miserable baby

Sleeping in his woombie


His little baby feet <3

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