My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm feeling incredibly blessed today

Sometimes you have so much going on that you don't really see how blessed you are.  You are so busy, trying to get everything done during the day, dealing with the day to day activities of cooking, cleaning, caring for kids, running everyone around, etc that all you can seem to see is all you do but not all you are getting in return.  That's how I've been lately.  Just trying to adjust to school and all of that I've been so busy and feel like I'm always rushing kids around, always running late and always stressed out.  I love it, but it's stressful.  This morning was another one of those days, we were running late to a playdate, Hayden wasn't exactly cooperating and Preston was a little fussy.  I was shoving everyone out the door and griping at Hayden to hurry and buckle up and right after that I turned around to buckle and looked up and saw this

It was completely unexpected and completely changed my mood.  I took a deep breath, turned around and helped Hayden and then called Mark.  It's definitely the little things that matter the most.  That note totally made my day and I have thought about it all day.  Even when he's not with me he always seems to be able to calm me down and cheer me up.  We went on about our day, went to the playdate and had a lot of fun, I took him to school, came home for Preston to nap and I cleaned a bit, picked Hayden up and the boys got home right after, had speech and then was supposed to go to a parenting seminar the school district was putting on about the book Love and Logic.  Oh and during all of that, Mark got home really early, before I even left for speech!  While waiting to leave for the seminar I started playing around with the boys and got so caught up doing that I lost track of time and even when I realized I really needed to leave in order to make it I didn't care.  I spent the next hour playing on the floor with all 4 boys and Mark.  Everyone was "beating each other up", tickling the boys like crazy, Preston was totally participating and playing too and everyone was laughing tons.  It was the best night in awhile.  We played so long I forgot all about making dinner too.  So after awhile I threw all 4 in the tub and left them with Mark and ran and got some fast food (bad I know!), came home and we ate, read stories and got all the boys in bed.  Then Mark and I sat and talked for the next 2hrs.  I cleaned the kitchen and made the boys lunches and now here I am thinking back on the day.  Nothing particularly great happened today but it's those little things like the note, the laughs from the boys, the long talk with Mark about nothing in particular that makes me realized how truly blessed I am.  

I have a husband who loves me more than anything in this world.  He is my best friend and someone I know will ALWAYS be there for me and who I trust more than anyone else.  He treats me like a queen and has taught our boys to do the same.  He is the "perfect" father in my eyes (and our boys) and is teaching our boys how to be great daddies some day too.  He is also teaching them on a daily basis how to be responsible, how to treat women, to be honest, hardworking and loving.  I could not ask for a better partner in life!  I love that man more so very much!

I have Landon, who is turning into such a wonderful little man.  He is funny, loving, helpful, artistic and the best big brother a mom could want (or a little brother for that matter!).  We were talking at dinner tonight and we were talking about my "job" as a stay at home mom and I was saying that it was my job I just didn't get paid money and he pipes up and says "no, but you get paid with love" which was so cute and so very true!  I've seen that on some ecards or things like that, but as far as I know Landon hasn't.  

I also have Casen, who is mommy's little boy!  He's always on my "team".  He's shy, gentle, smart, and though he can be a little tough to crack, he isn't one that is all over someone...until you crack that hard shell and then he's the most loving and affectionate little boy you will ever meet!  

And then there is Hayden, who I can't believe will be 5 in just a couple days!  He is becoming quite the gentleman!  He is hilarious, so bright, loving, fun and silly!  Everyone who meets him just falls in love with him.  Such a sweet little boy!

And baby Preston!!!!  He has such a sweet personality!  He's so loving, calm, gentle, laid back and sweet.  I can't wait to see who he grows up to be like.  

I can't believe that I have 5 men in my life who love me more than anything else.  They bring me so much happiness, so much love and I really feel so very blessed today.  I love them so much and can't believe that I'm so lucky to have them all in my life!  I've made the pic of Mark's note my home page background to remind me of that during the day, when everything is crazy busy.  And I need to remember Landon's words "you get paid in love" and remind myself that I do all of this for them, they appreciate it and their laughs everyday, their hugs and kisses every night make it all worth it.  I saw a saying on a church billboard the other day, I can't remember the exact wording but it was something like "if you want to become rich very quickly then count your blessings" love it

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 2 School Lunches

Ok here are week 2's lunches!!!  They had Monday off due to Labor Day so only 4 lunches this week.  


Chicken Salad in the container with wheat thins to eat with it, grapes, strawberries, pepperoni with cream cheese, yogurt with granola, carrot and raisin salad with watered down apple juice to drink


Casen and Hayden's:  Half a nutella sandwich on a whole wheat thin, pepperonis, string cheese, fruit twists, ABC pretzels, veggie straws, yogurt with granola, strawberries and kiwi with milk to drink

Landon's:  ABC pretzels, Veggie straws, yogurt with granola, strawberries and kiwi, string cheese, fruit twist, chicken salad on a whole wheat thin with milk to drink

Thursday:  Cinnamon bagel with strawberry cream cheese, kabobs of grapes and cheese, carrot sticks with ranch, pretzels, yogurt with granola, turkey roll ups, kiwi strawberries and grapes with watered down apple juice to drink

Friday: apple sandwich, kabobs of grapes and cheese, ranch for the carrot sticks, special friday treat of blueberry creme roll, yogurt with granola, turkey roll ups, pineapple with water to drink

They really enjoyed their lunches this week!  Not sure yet what I'm going to do this week though...

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Preston is 15mo old!

Can you believe it?  I know I definitely can't!  The past 15mo have gone by so quickly!  He's growing way too quickly and needs to slow down.  :( 

He is such a sweet little man!  He had his 15mo appt today and is now 21lbs exactly (8th%) and 30in (22nd%).  He's our little man but growing very well.  He isn't walking yet but is taking steps and getting more and more confident every won't be long!  He's not really talking either..he says mama, dada, bubba (to Landon) and gugga (to Casen).  He started repeating bye bye this week but hasn't started using it correctly, he's just mimicking so I haven't really counted that.  But he is babbling a ton and wants to communicate so I do think it'll come soon but for now he's not really talking.  He is picking up signs really quickly though!  He is regularly using more, eat, drink, milk, he waves to go night night..he understands thank you and is starting to use it when prompted but not on his own yet.  I looked up a bunch more signs this week to introduce to him...things like please, yes, no, cookie, hurt, hungry, thirsty and a few more.  

At his appt today we found out his right ear is infected :(  He's also teething like CRAZY, he's getting the rest of his teeth right now.  He's got about 8 teeth coming in, I believe?  After they finish that should be it until his 2yr molars, so he has a mouth full!  He's a little pig and loves to eat.  He is a little weird about textures, he will almost never touch anything wet, sticky, gooey..anything like that.  But what he does eat he eats tons of and always has to have what everyone is eating.  He's mastered a sippy cup and drinks 1 maybe 2 cups of milk (cow's, coconut or almond) a day and then at least 2 cups (if not more) of water a day.  He is still nursing, yay!  He's at about 4-5 nursing sessions a day.  He always signs for milk when he wants to nurse now, finally stopped ripping my shirt off haha.  

Mark is trying to convince me to cut his hair but I just can't do it.  The back where it's getting longer is curly!!!  I can't cut off those curls!  The top is finally evening out more so it doesn't look as bad haha but before he had quite a bit in the back and very little on top...almost a baby mullet.  But I think he'll be adorable with a bit longer, shaggy type hair style with all those curls!  Love it!  

He is absolutely spoiled by his brothers. They adore him, and him them!  He has an extra special bond with Landon though.  He is one lucky baby because they are just awesome big brothers.  They are always aware of him, every time one of them walks by him they stop and hug or kiss him, they play with him all the time, share food with them all the time, carry him all over.  They took him up the slides at a bounce house place the other day which he LOVED!  It was his first time.  He's one very lucky little boy and I'm definitely one very blessed mama to have such awesome little boys!  

Anyway, his appt went well.  We should be getting a referral for a new urologist next week, we had to change because his doesn't take his new insurance.  He was supposed to be seen right after he turned 1 but we've been waiting for the referral.  Hopefully we get good news and his kidneys have healed themselves, or at least haven't gotten any worse!  He is being referred to ECI because of the texture thing with eating, not talking and not walking yet.  They just want to be extra careful since he's a preemie that we don't let him get too far behind, earlier we get help (if it's needed) the better.  

He is still rear facing, of course!  And will remain that way until a minimum of 3yrs old, longer if possible

Oh and we are finally back to cloth diapers!  I got so lazy with it for a few months there.  But he's back in cloth all day long but we use a disposable at night.  It's just easier, he doesn't like being wet and they feel more wet in the cloth so I don't want to disturb his sleep by using the cloth.  Plus I have a huge box to use up.  But he's full time cloth again during the day, yay!  Oh and as far as sleep, probably 50% of the time, sometimes more but sometimes (like now with his ear and teething) he'll wake more often.  But if he wakes once a night if he does, and it's always just to nurse and go right back to sleep.  

Maggie has suddenly over the past month or so decided she loves him!  Before she was very protective over him but wouldn't go near him, babies seem to scare her.  She's awesome with kids but keeps away from babies.  The most she'd do is sniff a bit then get away..ever since he came home.  But suddenly a month or so ago she started following him everywhere.  Kissing on him all the time, laying next to him.  Just being really attentive and super sweet to him.  He now just loves her, I think they'll be buddies

Well, I suppose that's all!  Long update!  

School Lunches Week 1

Ever since I showed pics of some of the boys lunches 2 school years ago I've had so many of my friends ask for me to post pics of them again.  I didn't really do it last year because adjusting to having 4 kids and everything else going on I ended up not making them as often I would have liked or when I did it was nothing that great so I didn't take pics.  But I'm going to try this year to do it again :)  

You'd think I would have been really prepared for the first week of school, but I wasn't.  I was so busy the weekend before school started that I didn't make a good list/menu and so it wasn't that great but the boys actually really enjoyed them.  I won't be doing as many recipes this year because most that I did 2yrs ago were supposed to be warm and I found that most of them the boys didn't like cold and they have no way of warming food at lunch.  I do hope to find a good thermos that will keep food hot so I can do soups, maybe something like pasta and sauces, etc.  But I have to find one that will actually keep it warm from when they leave the house about 6:50 until they eat at 11:30 and far I haven't found anything.  It also has to be microwaveable so I can pack it the night before and then warm it up in the morning and then it will hold the heat...or I guess I could warm it in another container and put it in that.  If you know of any that will really keep it warm let me know, please!

So anyway, I've been posting them daily on Facebook but I'm going to put them all in one blog at the end of each week.  Hopefully it'll give you some new ideas for your kid's lunches.  And I love hearing what other parents are doing too because I'm always looking for new ideas for their lunches!

First of all, let me tell you about their lunch boxes this year.  We decided on Goodbyn and so far I'm loving them!!  They are by far the best we've tried, I love all the compartments, they are very easy to clean (I've been hand washing but they are dishwasher safe).  The boys loved that they came with sticker to decorate and personalize them (which are also dishwasher safe). The only thing I don't like is they are a little hard for Hayden to open, but he's eating lunch at home (but still packed because he loves his lunchbox) so I'm able to help him open and close it.  Landon and Casen manage with no issues and so far they've fully sealed it back each day so no messes in their insulated bags.  The other thing was it was very hard to find an insulated bag big enough, the ones we got technically aren't quite big enough but they work and have kept their food cold with an ice pack until they do their job even though they are a little too small.  The water bottles that come with are great, they don't leak at all!  

Here are the boys decorated boxes :)


His water bottle (says Haydy on one side)



Preston's..his is the Bynto size, the boys are the original size

Even the Bynto comes with stickers and a water bottle though

Ok and here are the first week's lunches!  

Day 1

Landon's lunch- Apple Cinnamon Muffin, Babybel Cheese, in the container is applesauce, carrots, grapes, sandwich on whole wheat thin with turkey and muenster cheese, freeze dried tropical fruit mix with milk to drink

Casen's- turkey rolled up on a pick with a grape, babybel cheese, carrots, grapes, apple cinnamon muffin, applesauce, freeze dried tropical fruit mix with milk to drink

Hayden's- turkey rolled up on a pick with grapes, babybel cheese, carrots, pickles, apple cinnamon muffins, applesauce in the container, freeze dried tropical fruit mix with almond milk to drink

Day 2

Landon's- In the container is yogurt, whole wheat thin with turkey and muenster cheese, carrots, strawberry fruit twists, hard boiled egg, cantaloupe strawberries and grapes. Milk to drink. They did ask for me not to send the eggs anymore, they like them but they stink when they open their lunch boxes haha

Hayden decided after the first day to eat at home with me, rather than at school, but he wants his lunches still in his lunch box and would like me to make one for Preston in his so they can eat together. 

So here is Preston's- carrots, hard boiled egg, turkey, fruit salad of cantaloupe strawberries and grapes

Hayden's lunch, Casen's was pretty much the same- Turkey rolled up on picks, in the container his Hayden's soy yogurt (Casen had regular), carrots, fruit twists, babybel cheese, fruit salad of grapes strawberries and cantaloupe.  In his water bottle was his soy/fruit protein drink..Casen had a milk box

Day 3

Pic of Hayden's lunch, but again, him and Casen had pretty much the same- cantaloupe, dino shaped turkey and muenster cheese sandwiches, black olives (Casen had strawberries instead), yogurt granola bar (Casen had an oatmeal raisin trail mix the one pictured in Landon's lunch for this day), homemade cookie from Grandpa Henry, kabobs of grapes and cheese, applesauce in the container, almond milk to drink (casen had regular milk)

Landon- sandwich on a whole wheat thin of turkey and muenster cheese, homemade cookie from Grandpa Henry, oatmeal raisin trail mix bar, strawberries, kabobs of grapes and cheese, applesauce in the container, cantaloupe with milk to drink

Preston's- a mix of what the others had.  He only ate the sandwich and some grapes, I couldn't believe he ate the grapes because he usually won't eat things like that, like he wouldn't touch the other stuff because it was wet/sticky feeling

Day 4

All had the same so only one pic- apples (which I soaked in pineapple juice so they wouldn't turn brown...worked perfectly!!!! They don't like it when I do it with lemon juice because it makes them too tart, the pineapple juice was perfect!) cubed cheese with a pic, carrots, fruit twists, pineapple, shaped graham crackers, nutella on whole wheat thin, peanut butter for grahams and apples.  Watered down apple juice to drink

Day 5

All the same- kabobs of chicken and cheese, half a whole wheat thin with nutella, veggie straws, peanut butter, cantaloupe and strawberries, strawberry dessert "pizza" and apples.  The pizza ended up getting gooey and gross from the moisture.  I'm going to try it again because I know they'll love it but I think I might put it in it's own baggy in the box so moisture doesn't get on it.  The sections are sealed really well but just from being cold it makes some condensation so it ended up wet.  Watered down apple juice to drink

The boys had a great first week back to school, I hope your kids did too!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School!!!!

Yes, yes, I know how horrible I have been with keeping up with this blog.  This summer was really busy and it was just too much to try and keep up with this.  But now school is back in session, let's see how well I can do now that I have 3hrs to myself everyday!!!!! 

Well it's official.  I am now a mommy of a 4th grader, 2nd grader and preschooler!!!!  I really can't believe it!  They are getting big way too fast!

They started back to school on Monday and have been having a great week so far.  

Landon really likes his teacher and has already made a new friend that he talks about constantly!  He is very excited for this school year.  I always think it's fun to remember some of the things they liked from year to year, so I'll tell you a little about what each boy is into right now.  Landon is now 52in I believe and he's about 57lbs.  He is still really into Lego, it's pretty much all he plays with.  He's also into Halo still, Star Wars, Batman.  His best friends are Kolten and Adrian..his new friend is Andrew so we'll see how that goes over the year :)  He is most excited about science this year and the experiments they will do, he's also very excited about math.  He's least excited about the writing portion of the STAAR test.

Casen is thrilled for summer to be over and him to start 2nd grade!  He's even more excited that he got Landon's 2nd grade teacher!  He is now about 48in and 47lbs.  He is starting to really get into lego as well, he also loves his gears toys.  His best friends are Max and Connor.  He is most excited about learning multiplication and cursive this year.  He is least excited about....nothing!  Haha he said he's excited about all of it.  

Hayden is now in pre-k!!!!  For now at least, he is on the waiting list for another program that would be full day and also help more with his speech so it's possible a spot will open up in the next week or two and he'd be switched over to that.  If not he'll remain in pre-k halfdays.  He goes in the afternoon so he has lunch at home then I drop him off at 11:50 and pick him up at 3.  He is loving it so far and really likes his teacher.  He is doing really well following rules so far.  He was very excited that he brought his crocodile book to school and his teacher read it to the class yesterday.  He is SO into alligators/crocodiles right now.  He is most excited about learning how to write and learning all his letters this year, and least excited about nothing :)  He is now almost 38in and 37lbs.

I do still have Preston home with me!  But he's started napping the entire time Hayden is at school so I pretty much have those 3 hours off to clean, relax, catch up on some tv and clean some more!  He is doing great but he has his 15mo appt tomorrow so I'll update on him then :)

Hope everyone's kids have a great school year!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Camp Sunny Patch Melissa and Doug!

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You can also click the button on the right hand side to access their Camp Guide

Friday, June 1, 2012

Preston is one today!!!!!

As of 9:30pm tonight, May 31st, Preston was a year old!!!!!  I really can't believe it, this year has gone by faster than ever.  It makes me so sad that he is already 1, I've never really been sad with the other boys.  He's turning into a toddler :(  

From a 7lb 1oz 20in baby 

To a 19lbs 3oz 28in little man

He's now walking well with furniture and this past week has finally started letting us walk with him, holding his hands.  He used to cry when we'd try but now he's figured it out and loves it!  He is a pig and eats everything in sight!  It's surprising he's so small because he eats SO much food!  He's still nursing 3-5x a day and we will continue for hopefully the next year, until he self weans.  He's teething like crazy and has had 5 teeth break through just in the past couple weeks, he now has 11 teeth.  He can say mama, dada, bubba, gugga (Casen), up (though doesn't say it much anymore), more, he's said bye bye a couple times and night night a couple times.  He's not really signing much because he's trying to talk a lot.  

He had his 1yr check up today and it went pretty well.  He still has his heart murmur so they are sending him to a cardiologist, usually it's resolved by a year.  Plus, his weight and height have gone from the 50th% about 5-6mo ago to now it's below the 10th%.  He also wears out easily it seems, he needs a lot of sleep.  So she wants him checked due to all of his past history, make sure everything is ok.  

He sees his urologist for a 1yr follow up next week, hopefully his kidneys look better and not worse.  He gets mild fevers every couple of weeks so I'm really hoping thats not UTIs because that would be causing more damage to his kidneys.  They said that usually they get a high fever but if this is a constant thing maybe not.  With the fevers he doesn't ever act sick but I have noticed he doesn't pee very much when he has them.  Praying everything is looking better then. 

He also has a follow up with his developmental pediatrician but I think that's not until July :)  

I've spent what free time I have had the past few days working on this first year video of him.  He's grown so much <3

The video doesn't seem to be working so I'll upload it tomorrow

Monday, May 28, 2012

Another great giveaway from Mom Spotted!!!!

Go check out the awesome giveaway going on at Mom Spotted!!!  She's giving away a Britax Frontier 85 SICT!!!!!!!!!  Which is a value of $340!  It's an awesome car seat!!!  Good luck to everyone!

Look how awesome it is :)

One thing I love about this seat is it's a forward facing only seat and it's limits state that the child has to be 2yrs old AND 25lbs to use it, finally a manufacturer that doesn't say they can use their seats FF at only 1yrs old!!!!

Summer Bucket List 2012

Well summer is officially here!!!!  Landon has finished 3rd grade, Casen has finished 1st grade and Hayden has finished his first year of preschool!!!!!!  So now I"m busy planning our summer, and having tons of fun doing it!!!  

I have decided we will do a Summer Bucket List, I made an I'm bored jar (that has activities that need no help from me, just ideas that they can do on their own when they are bored), we are going to make a summer scrapbook of all the things we do (including lots of pics taken by the boys), participate in the library reading program and I"m having them keep journals all summer to keep up on writing and spelling.  I have finished the "I'm bored jar" aside from decorating it, when I finish it I'll post a pic.  Then today I'm going to get the stuff to make our Summer bucket List and when that's done I'll post a pic but here are my ideas for it :)

All Day activities: (these will be color coded)
  • Pirate's Cove
  • Hawaiian Falls
  • Eat Backwards Day (dinner, lunch, breakfast)
  • Go to the Lego store, each get one small kit/toy
  • Spend the day watching movies
  • Make your own rock candy (which is actually a couple day process)
  • Have a pj day
  • Have a no electronics day
Half Day Activities:
  • Make and eat homemade ice cream
  • Make Tie dye shirts
  • Make homemade finger paints and allow them to body paint with them
  • Make pillow and blanket forts
  • Go to the park and feed the ducks
  • Go to the Museum
  • Go to the Aquarium
  • Go to Chuck E Cheese
  • Have an ice cream sundae bar
  • Watch a movie and eat popcorn
  • Make hot car crayons
  • Make and play with soda bottle sprinklers
  • Make and use popsicle paint
  • Go to a "new to you" park
  • Go to splashground
  • Wash the car
  • Go to drive in
  • Go visit Aunt Dessa at work
  • Make and take treats to the fire station
2hrs or less:
  • Make shark tooth necklaces
  • Make a dessert together and eat first, then eat dinner
  • Make playdough
  • Go for snow cones
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Go out for frozen yogurt
  • Make silly putty
  • Make lobster hand and foot prints
  • Play in sprinkler
  • Have Christmas in July
  • Go swimming
  • Go to the park
  • Go to the bookstore and each get a new book
  • Make homemade pizzas for lunch
  • Blow bubbles
  • Make fresh fruit popsicles
  • Have a picnic
  • Turn the music up loud and sing and dance
  • Make rootbeer floats
  • Make bubble bath paint
  • Make bouncy balls
  • Make lemonade with real lemons
  • Make fizzy sidewalk painting
  • Make cookies
  • Eat watermelon outside and don't care about the mess
  • Play a few games of uno
  • Make ice cream in a bag
  • Play hopscotch
  • Go ride bikes
  • Get a new coloring book and color
  • Make magical playdough mix
  • Make marshmallow shooters
  • Make a bubble snake maker
  • Make a "really big bubble maker"
  • Make glow in the dark drinks
  • Make sponge balls
  • Make gak
  • Make a hair gel writing bag
  • Marble painting
  • Shaving cream painting
  • Make glow in the dark slime
  • Go to the $ store and each pick something
  • Write a letter and mail it
  • Put on a play
  • Make homeade finger paints and paint a pic
  • Make galaxy play dough
  • Build with marshmallows
  • Have a watermelon eating contest
  • Make glow stick lanterns

Then we have some ongoing things:
  • Make a summer scrapbook
  • Library reading program
  • Date night with each kid on their own at least once, if not twice
  • Make an art gallery for each kid
  • Create a calm down space for each
  • Find a good book and read a chapter outloud each day
  • Write in journals daily
  • Make chalk board message boards for each kid
  • Go on lots of playdates!!!!!
  • Go swimming at least a few times a week
  • Swim lessons
  • 2 different Vacation Bible Schools
  • Baseball camp for Landon and Casen
It's going to be a great summer!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Zoo trip!!!

Today I took Hayden and Preston to a playdate at the zoo!  It was Preston's first time ever going to the zoo and Hayden's first time in a long time.  So long, in fact, that he swore he had never been before, he didn't remember it lol. He has been asking to go for awhile and was so excited about it.  

So we got there and I started unloading and saw one of the other moms from our playgroup, Shari, parked a couple spots over.  We walked in together and as I was walking in I started thinking what a bad idea this was.  Just from the car to the gates I was already in quite a bit of pain, and I had taken some medicine already to help.  But we get in there and went to the Children's Zoo section and met up with the other moms.  In there they have a river type thing for the kids to play in, get wet and cool off.  Hayden loved that and ended up soaked!

They also had huge eggs that the kids could climb in

Also a big nest.  Hayden climbed in and started saying "tweet tweet" lol

There were also some chickens that were hanging out with us, eating food other people have dropped...and I might have dropped 1-2 crackers for them....

After playing for awhile we decided to go look at some animals and Hayden REALLY wanted to see the crocodiles so we headed in that direction.  We stopped and saw some other things on the way.  Hayden seriously was loving every bit of it, he was so excited to see each animal.  

It was pretty hot so he kept cool with his spray fan

Then we started heading towards the monorail.  Hayden was SO excited about this, couldn't stop talking about it, didn't want to stop and look at anything else on the way, just wanted to make it to the "train".  So we get up there and he sees how it's open on one side and pretty high up and he freaked out  lol.  He decided he did NOT want to go on it and that he was scared.  But after some convincing he went and got on and absolutely loved it.

On the monorail we saw some zebras


Went under a waterfall

Then we saw Hayden's favorite, again, the crocodile!!!!!

After the monorail ride a couple of the moms were ready to go so me and Dawn headed with our kids over to the carousel so they could ride

Dawn left after that and I took Hayden over to the gift shop to find some crocodile stuff.  We ended up getting him a stuffed croc and a gummy croc

Then we made our way back to the car.  By this point I was in so much pain I honestly didn't think I'd make it to the car but somehow I did.  Hayden was also hurting because when his pants got wet at the very beginning they never dried and they rubbed the insides of his legs the entire time he was walking and now it's really red and sore :(  But we really had a great time.  I wish Mark had been there with us (the older boys too).  Hayden seriously enjoyed every second, I'm not sure I've seen him quite that happy before.  It was awesome <3 

Preston really didn't do much, he just hung out in his stroller, took a nap and did seem to enjoy the monorail ride.  But he didn't pay any attention to any animals or anything yet.  So hopefully mark will get to experience his real first visit to the zoo, when he actually participates.  I did get him a cute little zebra though :)