My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chance to win a Caillou train set and doll!

Did everyone else know they made Caillou toys?!?!?!  All of the boys have loved Caillou, the older ones still enjoy watching it, but currently it's probably Hayden's favorite show!  I had NO clue they had toys until I came across this awesome giveaway from Baby Loving Mama!!  There will even be 2 winners.  You have a chance to win a Caillou train set and doll.  Really hoping I win so it can be part of Hayden's Christmas gifts, I know he'd LOVE them!!!!  

Look how cute

Ok secretly hoping not too many of you go enter so more chance for me hahahah, no kidding, go enter!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Mark and I have been together for about 9.5yrs now!  Here we are married and 4 kids later and we have never had rings.  We had Landon very early in our relationship and we were young and didn't have the extra money to spend on a ring.  And since then we just haven't prioritized it...there is always something else that we feel is more important to spend the money on, 99% of the time it's something for the kids.  

But lately, I guess mostly since Preston has been born, I've really been wanting a ring.  People say I still look really young, someone this weekend said she thought I was 17-18!!!  I'm 25.  And I have 4 kids and no ring on my finger.  Sure it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks but I do get that look.  I AM married, my kids are all from my husband, we have a wonderful relationship and love each other more and more every day....I want that ring on my finger to show I have someone.  

Also, Casen asked me a couple weeks back why we don't wear rings.  So even they have noticed which kinda bothers me for some reason.  

But money has been really tight, especially with Christmas right around the corner.  But on Black Friday we were talking about it and I decided to look at Zales and just see and they were actually having a huge sale too!!!!  So we decided to go for it.  It's our Christmas present to each other, probably the only thing we'll get each other, but I don't care.  Both of our rings were on sale BIG time plus we got another 10% off the total and free shipping!!  It really was an awesome deal!  We didn't get anything extravagant, but even if we had tons of money to blow I wouldn't want that, it's just not me.  I wanted something small and pretty and I'm really happy with what we found.  

My ring <3
And Mark's...he wanted something with some detail but not diamonds, he really likes how this looks so hopefully it looks nice in person too
They shipped today though!  I can't wait for them to arrive, really hope they fit without having to be resized and that we like them :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We had a pretty busy weekend.  Thanksgiving morning we got up and hung out with the boys for a little while and then got ready and headed over to Gail's for Thanksgiving dinner.  It's about a 45min drive to her house and about halfway there I thought I'd make sure Mark grabbed the diaper bag and other bag I had packed.  The one that I said 3x to make sure he grabbed, including right as I was walking out the door with my hands full.  What do you know?  He didn't.  Ugh!  I had packed everything we would need for Black Friday so we wouldn't have to go back home before going out shopping.  Plus the diaper bag had all of Preston's diapers, wipes and the baby food I had brought just in case he wanted to join us in Thanksgiving dinner.  So when we got almost to Gail's we stopped by Tom Thumb and I ran in to grab those things.  We were about an hour late to her house but it was ok because dinner was running late too.  We had planned to be there from about 2-5 but didn't arrive until 3 and then didn't even eat until 5 so it really pushed us back.  We had to leave soon after eating and head over to Aunt Gigi's to drop the big boys off to stay the night.  

The only picture I got of Preston on Thanksgiving :(  My camera was in the other bag Mark forgot.

We finally made it over to Aunt Gigi's and visited with her, Vic, Andrew, Thomas and Emily for a little bit.  The boys were SO excited to stay...who wouldn't want to stay with Aunt Gigi though?  She's awesome.  We headed out with Preston and went back home to get the things we needed and to plan our attack :)  

After getting home Preston was VERY fussy and had a very hard time falling asleep.  We had decided we didn't want to go anywhere until midnight.  He got a couple hours of sleep then I really didn't want to wake him to take him shopping because of how fussy he was before bed.  But we did it anyway.  

We went to Target first and spent a couple hours in there, took about 20-25min just to get in after they opened.  Then stood in line for well over an hour.  But we got some pretty good deals.  And best part....Preston slept the ENTIRE time!!!  Didn't make a sound even with all the noise around him.  We then went over to Best Buy and just Mark went in to get one thing and Preston woke then wanting to nurse.  So I fed him and then he went back to sleep and we went over to JCP to wait until they opened at 4am.  By then Mark had fallen asleep and I decided to just go in alone instead of waking them.  I got in pretty quick and got in line RIGHT before the line got long.  We were home and in bed by only an hour after they opened, not bad.  

Preston sleeping while in line at Target

Well, Preston slept awesome and Mark and I didn't wake up until I got a phone call at noon!!!!  I felt so bad and called Aunt Gigi and they were good so thankfully.  Mark and I got up and got ready to head over there.  On the way there we stopped by to see Dessa because we had run out of time on Thanksgiving to see her.  Then made it to Aunt Gigi's and Landon was almost in tears because he did NOT want to leave.  Gail had asked to keep them Friday night so we met up with her and gave them to her.  Then we went over to Apple and Carters.  

Overall, we did pretty good Black Friday shopping.  There weren't as many good deals this year though, which was disappointing.  But we got Preston about half done, we need to get him 2 more toys and his highchair then some stocking stuffers like pacis, sippys, snacks and he's done.  We got clothing done for all of them, including pjs to open on Christmas Eve...though we decided to do character ones they'd like instead of Christmas themed ones this year.  And then we got them each 1-2 things so we still have a ways to go for the big boys but a decent start.  

Saturday I got my hair done, which was WAY overdue, hadn't been done since March.  Well this girl was terrible so I emailed the manager today with pictures and I'm waiting to hear back, really hope they redo the highlights.  The cut was done by an instructor so it looks good, I really like that, but the highlights suck.  And I was there over 4hrs!  It was a crappy experience, it's a good thing I've been there a lot of times before and they've always done a great job or I'd never go back.

The color isn't right, didn't stay on long enough I don't think, many of them already look grown out and there are huge spots with no highlights at all.  

So that was a really long day, appt started at 1:30 and didn't get out of there until 5:30, had to feed the baby before we could leave, Mark needed to stop by Fry's plus everyone was starving and we weren't near home so it was pretty late by the time we got home.  

Sunday we went to church then just came home and relaxed all day, watched Cars 2 with the boys, had some delicious quesadillas Mark made for was nice!  

Menu for the week!

I did this for awhile but then got busy and stopped but going to try and start again :)  

Should be some yummy food this week!!!  Most of the recipes are new so hopefully they all turn out good.

Eggs, bacon and cinnamon roll pancakes
Other days will be cereal, more of the jam, etc

grilled chicken with rice
chicken nuggets with mac and cheese

Potato Soup with grilled mac and cheese sandwiches
Cheeseburger Macaroni (delicious!) with veggies
Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta (SO good!) with green beans and garlic bread
Slow Cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies
Chicken Parmesan Bake with pasta and salad
Taco Soup with quesadillas
Red beans, sausage and rice

Chewy granola balls
Banana chocolate chip muffins
Breakfast smoothies
Chocolate covered peanut butter banana bites
Crock pot applesauce

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A house full of sickies

It's been a long week of just dealing with sick kiddos.  Well their bodies say they're sick but they say they are's weird.  

It started with Preston's very low temp that the next day went up to 100.  It hasn't gone above 100.5 that I'm aware of but he's been a bit of a grump and congested.  Today he was a little better today.

Casen got a temp Sunday night so missed Monday and Tues of school, his temp has gone up to a little over 102 and he looks like he feels like total crap but he swears he feels ok.  Strange.

Then Hayden started getting congested and all day today has complained of his tummy hurting and had a slight temp when he went to bed tonight.  

I hear Casen and Landon both coughing in their beds right now too.  

No clue what is going on but I just hope they are completely better soon!  At least they don't feel bad, for the most part.  

It's officially Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  We will be going to Gail's for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon, we plan to stay there for a few hours.  The boys are spending the night with Aunt Gigi though, which they can't wait for, they are so excited they love spending time with her.  Who wouldn't?  She's crazy, fun and just awesome!  Between her and her husband (Uncle Vic), Emily, Andrew and Thomas and the crazy dogs I'm sure they are going to have a blast!  Mark and I will be taking Preston with us to go Black Friday shopping!!!!!  

I'm not sure yet what our plan of attack will be because I've restrained myself from looking at the ads, even though they are online.  One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is sending Mark out to find me a paper (I'm sure it's his favorite part too, seeing he always has to go to about 15 different places to find me one :) ).  I will then go through all the ads and figure out where we are going, and for what.  I figure we will start at 9pm since that's when Toys R Us opens and I'm sure we'll want to go there.  

Before we do that though we plan to go by and say hi to Chris and Dessa.  She is making her first ever Thanksgiving dinner, with the help of her MIL, April.  I hope they have a good time.  Makes me sad I'm not doing Thanksgiving though because she usually comes to our house.  I will definitely be doing Christmas dinner though, so can't wait for that!  

I guess I should head to bed but I'll let y'all know how Black Friday shopping goes!!!!  Especially considering we are bringing Preston who demands his bed by 8pm lol...should be interesting.  I hope between Mark and I taking turns wearing him in his carriers and then him (hopefully) sleeping in his stroller he'll be ok.  

Friday, November 18, 2011

A long 24 hours

Well it started about 4:30pm yesterday.  Preston had been fussy all day and had a runny nose, but it was clear, so didn't think much of it.  I picked him up from playing on his playmat to put him down for a nap and he felt really cold.  Like REALLY cold.  So I decided to take his temp and it was 96.7.  I put him in a long sleeve onesie, socks and then a really warm fleece footed sleeper over that and a hat.  Put him down for a nap in his bed with 2 very warm blankets tucked all around him.  By the time he was down it was 5pm.  He normally has a nap around that time but it only lasts and hour max then he goes to bed for the night at about 7:30-8pm.  Well he slept for about 5.5hrs!  Couldn't believe he went to bed at 5pm.  When I got him up he was ready to nurse, obviously, so I fed him with a blanket over him then undressed him to change his diaper and check his temp....95.3.  After hours of being bundled like that.  

I gave him to Mark because he always produces a lot of body heat so he did skin to skin with him for awhile with blankets over them but he was really fidgety so Mark felt like he wasn't staying warm enough undressed against him so he dressed him again and just held him on his chest with a blanket and they both fell asleep together

I took the blanket off just long enough to take this pic

I got Preston to put him in his bed but took his temp again to see if it had helped and it was at 95.9.  I went ahead and put him to bed.  Mark went to bed soon after.  I was getting ready for bed at about midnight but was really worried about him so I went and took his temp again...bundled under lots of blankets...and it was 96.3.  So I decided to call our nurse hotline and waited forever for a nurse to finally call me back.  After lots of questions, one being "has he ever been diagnosed with diabetes?" (talk about freaking a mom out) she said he needed to go to the ER, so I woke Preston and we headed up there.  

They took us straight into triage with no wait and took his temp and it was 96.2 so he was taken straight to a room to see a dr.  They did check his oxygen levels and they were fine so that's good.  The dr wanted to test for RSV (since he is preemie) so had to have respiratory come down to do that, so we had to wait a bit to do that.  Meanwhile, they brought us 2 really big/thick blankets from the warmer to wrap him in to try and get his temp up.  

Respiratory finally got there to do the test, which was just sucking some snot out and having that tested for the virus.  They said it would take about 1hr for the results, that was at 2:45am.  They brought us another warm blanket to wrap him in because the others were no longer warm

Sweet baby was so exhausted

Soon after that the nurse came back and checked his temp again and it was up to 98!!!!  The RSV test thankfully came back negative and they let us go.  They said that he is either about to get sick and that's why his temp is so low OR it's from him being premature and he just isn't able to regulate his body temp very well.  We were told as long as his temp is above 97 not to do anything, but if it drops below 97 to warm blankets in the dryer and wrap him up.  If he doesn't warm to 97 or above within 30min-1hr to take him back to the ER or if his temp drops below 95.  

We finally got home at 3:45am and on the way home I remembered that I was supposed to make fruit salad for Hayden's school, they had a Thanksgiving feast today.  UGH!  I was so tired just wanted to sleep.  I put Preston to bed as soon as we got home and went and made the fruit salad.  

After that it was like 4:20am and I am supposed to wake up to get Landon and Casen to school at 6:30!!  I decided there was just no way, Mark had been in bed since 11pm.  So I got clothes for all 3 boys laid out on the couch with shoes, backpacks and jackets all ready.  Finally laid down at 4:30 and woke Mark up to let him know he was going to have to get up to get the boys to school and then again to get Hayden to school, I had to sleep.  When I got to our room Preston woke again, after less than an hour of sleep!  Took him to bed with me and nursed him and he was up every hour until about 8am nursing again...I thought I was going to lose my mind I was just so tired.  Mark was really late getting Hayden to school :|  But oh well everyone got there and Mark went to work.  Preston finally fell asleep for about 2hrs so I got a little more sleep then we got up and took a shower and got ready for the day.  

Preston has been really fussy all day but his temp has been better.  Earlier though I took it and it was 100!  So I'm pretty sure he's going to end up sick.  Right now it's back to normal but he's incredibly fussy tonight, he is obviously not feeling well so we'll have to just watch and see what happens.  At least I know he doesn't have RSV, hopefully whatever he seems to be coming down with isn't respiratory.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think I have a co-op problem

Who doesn't like getting a good deal???  I know I do and I can't pass a good deal up!  I have discovered an awesome thing called co-ops haha.  I've done a couple but I've recently done so many!  

First I'm part of 2 groups on Facebook that are just for co-ops and then I also joined which is a forum just for co-ops.  Fantastic!  

Today Preston's new amber necklace arrived, I got it in the next size up though he doesn't need it yet....again too good to pass up!

Then on the way I have a Parking Pal

Teething bling

Then I have an order of 7 Sunbaby diapers on the way too.  I had originally planned to get 12 but decided to cut it back, really 7 is enough with what we have lol.  But $4.30 a diaper??  Hard not to get more!

I think I have a problem......

This week has been pretty boring, not much going on until this weekend.  

Hayden had school today and I had signed him up to be evaluated for fine motor skills, gross motor skills and speech.  I got the paper back today and it said that they weren't able to complete the speech evaluation because Hayden was "too shy"..WHAT???  Since when?  Thought that was pretty crazy lol but it's ok because we know he is delayed a bit in speech and has a full evaluation set up in Feb.  But he is way above average in gross motor skills and he's right where he should be for fine motor skills.  Go Haydy!  Tomorrow he has gymnastics and then on Friday he has school again and it's Mommy Meetup with the ladies from church.  Even though Preston can't really participate in anything I'm going to go anyway, get out of the house.  

Speaking of Preston, he is now 15lbs 13oz!  Woohoo!  I think he was going through a growth spurt the last 2wks or so but it's been much better the past couple of days, he isn't eating nearly as often and is sleeping much better again.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dessa's Baby Shower!

I have been working my butt off lately to plan Dessa's shower.  I wanted it to be just right for her and Chris.  

I finally got it all planned out and yesterday I went shopping with Dessa to get everything.  It took us hours but we got it all done and I dropped her off and headed home.  I had a bunch of stuff I needed to print and thankfully Mark got our printer working, yay!  So I got all of that done, put together her gifts and got things organized then I just couldn't take it any longer and had to sleep.  

Got up this morning and I have been working all day on finishing everything up.  Casen was a huge help, he is so excited for Baby Isaiah to get here.  He helped me make a diaper cake, first one I've ever made...I think it turned out pretty good

The baby shower theme colors were blue and green and then Chris really loves monkeys and Dessa really loves ducks

We then labeled all of the water bottles with super cute labels that Nikki designed

I really love how those turned out, probably my favorite thing.  

I finally got everything done, got myself, Casen and Preston ready to go and headed out....LATE!  I hauled butt.  My maps program told me it would take 30min to get there, so Casen set his timer on his ipod to see if we'd make it in time.  We ended up having to turn around 3x because it was back on some country roads that weren't marked well.  Even with that I made it with 5min to spare haha.  We hurried in and got everything all set up.  Everyone started arriving and we played some games

Winner!  Perfect size

Concentrating hard on the baby word scramble

Baby food tasting game

I was mean and bought a meat one hahahaha

Then we had all the guys race to drink beer out of baby bottles...that were then throw away lol


Happy couple

Everyone said they had a great time and it turned out well.  I'm really glad Dessa and Chris had a good time, especially.  I was so worried it wouldn't be good enough but they seemed to have really enjoyed themselves.  She got lots of great gifts which is always fun too.  I gave her some XS Fuzzi Bunz diapers, 2 newborn goodmamas, 2 covers and a dozen prefolds.  Also made her a cookbook because she is just learning to cook, bought her a really awesome crock pot (I'm totally jealous!) and got her the onesie stickers that have the ages (newborn-3wks and then 1mo-12mo).  

It's been a long day so I'm headed to bed...first big event of the month over!  Next weekend is Thanksgiving with friends...should be lots of fun.  But tomorrow is church so I need to sleep :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thumb Sucking Baby!

First, I was chosen by a popular baby gear company to do a review on a new product that isn't even released yet!  It will be released in January, exclusively to Babies R Us, so my review will be posted mid Jan-beginning of Feb.  I can't say yet what the product is BUT it came today and I love, love, LOVE it!  As does Preston :)  Can't wait to do my review and show pics, hoping that when the time comes maybe that company will sponsor a giveaway.  But the review will be posted here sometime around that time, so stay tuned!  

In other news, Preston now sucks his thumb.  None of my kids have ever sucked their thumb, well I have one pic of Casen doing it but it was a one time thing and I happened to get a pic of it.  Preston, on the other hand, has been doing it a lot lately.  It is super cute BUT I'm not really sure how I feel about him doing it.  I'd really rather he didn't just because I know how hard a pacifier can be to take away from some kids and that you can actually TAKE away, out of sight out of mind, and it makes that a little easier.  But it's not like you can take a kids thumb away, I'd imagine that habit would be MUCH harder to break if he ends up being a kid that is super attached.  Plus it really grosses me out imagining him as a crawler-toddler touching everything then sucking his thumb...yuck.  But then I'm not stopping it right now, it's not like he understands and maybe he's just exploring and it won't last, I guess we'll see.  For now look how cute <3

Little man is getting big way too fast!  He can now lift his entire chest and most of his belly up off the floor when on his tummy

Sweet smiley baby

He is also very attached to his blanket from Casen.  We gave it to him while he was still in the NICU and he always has it now, it goes everywhere with us.  None of the boys were blankie babies either but he just loves his and it makes it even more special that Casen gave it to him and was the one to design it

He has something out for that frog...."Now look here Mr. Frog...."



"Uh oh, you been watching me?"

Haha I love it, he is obsessed with that frog, though sometimes he likes to attack the sun behind him too.   

Monday, November 7, 2011

Museum Play Date with New Friends

Thursday we had a play date with a Mom I met through youtube/facebook.  We met at the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History, first time Hayden has ever been.  He had so much fun!  I had fun too :)  She had brought her 3yr old daughter and then 4mo old daughter with her so the kids were all very close in age.  It took a bit for Hayden and her daughter (J) to warm up, they were more playing on their own instead of together.  In the little kids section they have a little store with carts, Hayden was playing with one.  He kept coming over to us asking us what we wanted to eat then going and getting it.  Then he started running back and forth with the cart....being a 4yr old.  Well J wanted a cart but couldn't find one so Hayden disappeared for a minute then came back pushing 2 carts...he had found one for her.  It was really sweet <3  

At one point I had to take Hayden to the bathroom and as I came back in L (other mama) was really upset and telling a chaperone that was there with some kids that looked to be about 6yrs old on a field trip, that they were throwing balls and almost hit little P in the head!  The chaperone's response?  "A little boy that's with yall was pushing a cart around!"  ummm ok???  Isn't that what they are supposed to do with them?!?  Yeah ok, maybe he shouldn't have been running, but he didn't run into anyone, he was playing.  This kid had been told not to throw the balls, and right before this happened Mama L had specifically told him not to throw it and he did anyway and right at her, she had to actually block the baby's head to keep the GOLF ball from hitting her!  Needless to say, she was very upset, rightfully so!  I still can't believe that woman's response!  It's no wonder some kids these days behave the way they do, the adults around them making excuses for them and not addressing the issue.  From what I saw she said nothing to the kid.  They did leave soon after though. 

Not long after that we went to grab some lunch from their cafe.  I think that's when J and Hayden bonded over pickles haha.  J really loves pickles but Hayden doesn't...none of my kids do, aren't they weird??  But he saw her eating them and picked his up and was watching her close and tried his. Still decided he didn't like pickles.  But after they finished eating they were running around playing together while we chatted some more and finished eating, too.  

We had to leave after that to make it home to get the boys.  Actually, had to haul butt to make it home!  Didn't make it in's worst mother, I think so.  The big boys had gone in through the back door though, it was unlocked, smart kids.  Then Landon said Casen said they should eat candy but Landon told him no and they came outside to wait for me.  Would have rather they didn't do that, but they did pretty good seeing they've never been home alone and had no clue where I was lol.  I was home within 5min of them getting home though, so they weren't home long.  

Hayden couldn't stop talking about them for days, he kept bragging to his big brothers that he made a new friend and went to the museum.  But when Mark asked him how it was he said "I had a lot of fun, I have a new best friend, BUT there weren't any monkeys so that was sad" lmao

We really had a lot of fun though, hopefully we can get together again soon.  

We have teeth!

How could I forget to update about this??  

Preston has 2 teeth!!!!!!  They came through on Nov 1st...5mo 1 day old :)  He got both of is bottom front ones the same day.  No wonder the week before was such hell haha.  He's sleeping SO much better since they broke through, back to napping really well and he isn't doing AS good at night.  He used to do 6-9hrs for his first stretch then nurse, then sleep again for 3-4hrs, nurse and repeat.  Now he's doing maybe 5-6hrs if I'm lucky then every 3-4hrs.  Maybe we'll work back up to longer again....either way I think he's sleeping great, still so much better than Casen and Hayden did at this age.  And he's only up long enough to nurse then back to sleep so it's no big deal waking with him at all.  

I weighed him this morning and he was 15lbs 13oz BUT he had just eaten (which I've done a before and after eating weigh in and he takes about 4oz) and the kid hasn't pooped in a good 5-6 days haha.  So he's probably more like 15lbs 5-8oz.  

He tried bananas on Friday for the first time, his tongue thrust reflex is gone now, that's the first time in a week or so we'd tried any food.  He still only wanted a couple bites then started spitting it out though so I stopped offering.  But on Saturday I offered him about 1oz of bananas and he ate it all!!  He really likes bananas apparently.  That is the most he's eaten.  On Sunday I gave him a couple bites of mango...first time....but he wasn't interested.  Think it was too many days in a row of solids, so we are waiting a few more days then will try some more mango.  

And just in case I forgot to update about this too...he now gives kisses!  It is the sweetest thing in the world!  If you have him standing up in your lap you can say "give me kisses" and he will grab both sides of your face, lean in and plant a big open mouthed kiss right on your lips....drool and all.  Adorable <3  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Casen's repeat hearing test

Just a recap....

Casen had a hearing test done about 2wks ago, he failed.  It showed mild hearing loss in his middle or outer ear, most likely caused from his wax buildup or fluid.  He produces WAY more wax than the normal person, it's ridiculous the amount really.  So we were sent over to our pediatrician to have his ears flushed out.  Really gross BTW.  I then called and set up another hearing test with his audiologist.  

So that appt was today.  His hearing is better!!!!!  It's not perfect BUT his right ear showed that is ear drum is intact and moving and the fluid is starting to work it's way out.  The left ear drum is not moving and no fluid is moving but she said that it's most likely because his ear was so full of wax his ear drum wasn't able to move.  That left ear was worse, had more wax.  She said that she thinks it's going to resolve on it's own and nothing further needs to be done unless he starts asking us to repeat all the time again.  There has been a noticeable improvement in his hearing since having his ears flushed.  So I'm going to buy one of the things to flush it myself.  Our pediatrician will not set up appts to do it, we have to do it as sick visits which for 1 cost me a copay, 2 it's a 30min drive away, 3 sick visits there are ONLY walk ins they don't do appts for sick visits.  We can easily sit there a few hours waiting to be seen.  I can't do that once a month or whatever to keep his ears clear, he has to be in school.  

So now he is going to get evaluated for speech therapy at school to get a bit of help there.  I think it's going to be easily corrected now that he can hear us and himself is actually already a bit better.  So good news all around on that!!!!

Also his new prescription cream for his eczema has fully cleared up his horrible dry skin patches in his ears.  He has a bad patch on his back that isn't fully cleared up but looking much better.  Then his horrible sores on his head are getting SO much better with his new medicated shampoo.  We had tried a couple but this one is a lot stronger and works so much better for him.  So yay!

Then I also called about Hayden's speech therapy today and the soonest they can get him in JUST for the 2hr evaluation is FEB 7th!!!!  Can't believe that.  Then after that he'd start speech therapy.  I really hate it's going to take so long because he really needs some help and his stutter is getting very very bad.  Each day it's a little worse it seems.  

But another thing about speech....Preston started saying mama today!!!!  <3  Not completely sure he knows what it means but he seems to.  He will call me when he's upset instead of actually crying.  He doesn't do it every time so I think he might know because it's like he's calling me when he wants me but he'll cry if it's just upset about something.  Who knows...all I know is it's ADORABLE!!!!