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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thumb Sucking Baby!

First, I was chosen by a popular baby gear company to do a review on a new product that isn't even released yet!  It will be released in January, exclusively to Babies R Us, so my review will be posted mid Jan-beginning of Feb.  I can't say yet what the product is BUT it came today and I love, love, LOVE it!  As does Preston :)  Can't wait to do my review and show pics, hoping that when the time comes maybe that company will sponsor a giveaway.  But the review will be posted here sometime around that time, so stay tuned!  

In other news, Preston now sucks his thumb.  None of my kids have ever sucked their thumb, well I have one pic of Casen doing it but it was a one time thing and I happened to get a pic of it.  Preston, on the other hand, has been doing it a lot lately.  It is super cute BUT I'm not really sure how I feel about him doing it.  I'd really rather he didn't just because I know how hard a pacifier can be to take away from some kids and that you can actually TAKE away, out of sight out of mind, and it makes that a little easier.  But it's not like you can take a kids thumb away, I'd imagine that habit would be MUCH harder to break if he ends up being a kid that is super attached.  Plus it really grosses me out imagining him as a crawler-toddler touching everything then sucking his thumb...yuck.  But then I'm not stopping it right now, it's not like he understands and maybe he's just exploring and it won't last, I guess we'll see.  For now look how cute <3

Little man is getting big way too fast!  He can now lift his entire chest and most of his belly up off the floor when on his tummy

Sweet smiley baby

He is also very attached to his blanket from Casen.  We gave it to him while he was still in the NICU and he always has it now, it goes everywhere with us.  None of the boys were blankie babies either but he just loves his and it makes it even more special that Casen gave it to him and was the one to design it

He has something out for that frog...."Now look here Mr. Frog...."



"Uh oh, you been watching me?"

Haha I love it, he is obsessed with that frog, though sometimes he likes to attack the sun behind him too.   

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