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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A house full of sickies

It's been a long week of just dealing with sick kiddos.  Well their bodies say they're sick but they say they are's weird.  

It started with Preston's very low temp that the next day went up to 100.  It hasn't gone above 100.5 that I'm aware of but he's been a bit of a grump and congested.  Today he was a little better today.

Casen got a temp Sunday night so missed Monday and Tues of school, his temp has gone up to a little over 102 and he looks like he feels like total crap but he swears he feels ok.  Strange.

Then Hayden started getting congested and all day today has complained of his tummy hurting and had a slight temp when he went to bed tonight.  

I hear Casen and Landon both coughing in their beds right now too.  

No clue what is going on but I just hope they are completely better soon!  At least they don't feel bad, for the most part.  

It's officially Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  We will be going to Gail's for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon, we plan to stay there for a few hours.  The boys are spending the night with Aunt Gigi though, which they can't wait for, they are so excited they love spending time with her.  Who wouldn't?  She's crazy, fun and just awesome!  Between her and her husband (Uncle Vic), Emily, Andrew and Thomas and the crazy dogs I'm sure they are going to have a blast!  Mark and I will be taking Preston with us to go Black Friday shopping!!!!!  

I'm not sure yet what our plan of attack will be because I've restrained myself from looking at the ads, even though they are online.  One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is sending Mark out to find me a paper (I'm sure it's his favorite part too, seeing he always has to go to about 15 different places to find me one :) ).  I will then go through all the ads and figure out where we are going, and for what.  I figure we will start at 9pm since that's when Toys R Us opens and I'm sure we'll want to go there.  

Before we do that though we plan to go by and say hi to Chris and Dessa.  She is making her first ever Thanksgiving dinner, with the help of her MIL, April.  I hope they have a good time.  Makes me sad I'm not doing Thanksgiving though because she usually comes to our house.  I will definitely be doing Christmas dinner though, so can't wait for that!  

I guess I should head to bed but I'll let y'all know how Black Friday shopping goes!!!!  Especially considering we are bringing Preston who demands his bed by 8pm lol...should be interesting.  I hope between Mark and I taking turns wearing him in his carriers and then him (hopefully) sleeping in his stroller he'll be ok.  

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