My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just want to take a minute to say how proud of my boys I am

Now I don't mean to brag at all, like we are some amazing parents or something.  But I just have to say I'm so proud of the little boys Landon, Casen and Hayden are turning into.  

Lately I have seen so many little kids that are just so mean to each other, and even to my boys, and it bothers me so much, I just don't get it.  For example, the other day at Casen's game Landon was playing catch with a kid that looked to be maybe 2yrs older.  Landon didn't have his glove with him so he wasn't able to catch it very well.  Well, after playing for a little while the kid snaps at Landon and tells him that he doesn't know how to throw or catch right and he didn't want to play with him anymore.  Landon came and sat back next to us and Mark asked him what was wrong and he just burst into tears and told us what happened.  I look over and that kid is over there playing like nothing ever happened, didn't care at all what he had just done to Landon, probably didn't think about it again.  I don't get how kids can be so mean and just NOT care if they hurt someone else in the process.  Landon could have said something back to that kid and been mean too, but he walked away and left the kid alone.  I'm proud of him for that.  He chose to be the bigger person even though he was upset and mad, he was mature enough to walk away from him and not try and hurt him back (verbally or emotionally I mean).  Though me and Mark wanted so bad to go hunt that kid down and show him how to throw that ball "right" or send Landon back with something really clever to say back to the kid, but we of course wouldn't.  But in situations like that it really kills you as a parent and you automatically want to jump to their defense. 

It has happened quite a bit lately to Landon especially and it just kills me because he is the most kind hearted, loving, sweet, awesome little boy.  He is always so nice to everyone, just wants to be friends with everyone and they turn around and treat him like that.  

Casen is also so good to other kids.  There is a little boy on his baseball team who has some issues, not really sure what they are but behavior issues for sure.  He has no concentration and has to be kept on track by his dad and grandpa the entire time.  When they first get to practice they pair up and warm up...just throwing the ball back and forth.  Well Casen has been paired with this kid a couple times now.  Every time Casen throws it the kid isn't paying attention so he has to go get the ball then he gets distracted doing that then when his dad finally gets him to throw it back he throws it in Casen's direction, kinda, but at the ground.  Really it's kind of a joke that Casen is "warming up" with the kid because he isn't able to do anything.  BUT Casen never gets mad, never says anything at all, is always trying to encourage the kid to pay attention and hasn't lost his patience once.  Dealing with this kid would be frustrating for any adult but Casen keeps his cool even though you see it in his face that he is frustrated he would never dream of saying something and being mean to the kid about it.  

I think we have done a really good job at teaching our kids compassion, respect, kindness, acceptance and how to be a friend. They may have their moments with each other, but what siblings don't, but when it comes to other kids they are always nice to them even if they are frustrated.  They go out of their way to help people.  They want to be friends with everyone, even the kids it seems no one wants to be friends with.  They give everyone a chance.  Even our little monster Hayden is learning well from his big brothers, he is awesome with other kids.  They always have each other's backs and will stick up for each other even if they won't always stick up for themselves.  I'm so blessed to have 3 AMAZING little boys and I hope that the way they see some other kids act towards each other doesn't change that and they continue to be so great to everyone, maybe they will inspire other kids to do the same.  I love them more than anything in this world and can't wait for JuneBug to come and meet the 3 BEST big brothers in the world and learn from them as well. 

Since the birthday party

It seems like things have been nonstop around here since the boys party.  Still can't believe Casen is 6 now and Landon's birthday just passed and he's 8!!!  Where does the time go?  

We've been having some pretty bad storms and really horrible wind lately.  Last Sunday night/early Monday morning we had a horrible storm come through that caused a lot of damage around us.  Luckily, the only damage to our house was a few shingles were blown loose then with the wind the rest of the week they are blown up now but those are easy fixes, no structural damage, thankfully.  The power was out to the boys school that day so they stayed home which just threw my entire week out of whack.  

Tuesday, the 12th, was Landon's 8th birthday!!!  He has turned into such an awesome little kid, love him so much!  He had a really good birthday.  He got to take cookies to school to share with friends then that afternoon Casen had practice but after that we had dinner at Cici's.  He chose it because it was his school's night and he knew they would get money from it.  Then we came home and he opened his presents from us and we sang happy birthday and blew out candles but he was so stuffed from Cici's that he couldn't even eat a cupcake lol.  He played for just a little bit then it was bedtime.  He told us it was the best birthday <3 

The rest of the week was a blur of practices, games and then Saturday was my birthday.  We never do anything for our birthdays (mine and mark's).  But my Aunt called me Thurs night to surprise me with something I wanted more than anything to the Kenny Chesney concert at Cowboys Stadium.  But not only tickets, but an awesome parking pass (we were 3 rows away from the stadium itself) and suite passes.  It was the best birthday ever! Her and Vic even kept the boys for us so me and Mark were able to go and have an even better time knowing they were with her and you can't stay with Aunt Gigi and NOT have an amazing time.  I can never thank them enough for the awesome present...everything about it was just perfect.  We had so much fun, and so did the boys.  A birthday I will never forget, that's for sure.  Turned 25, 31wks pregnant with JuneBug and then that :)

Sunday was recovery day for everyone, we just laid around the house in pjs all day.  The boys were still exhausted, as were we, it was nice to not have anything to do that day.  Then, on Monday, Landon's class (well all of 1st and 2nd grade) had a musical performance at the high school.  It was so cute and he was so into it, knew all his moves and was just having a blast up there...he is NOT shy at all.  After that he had a game where he played awesome.  Their entire team played hard and held the other team off until the last inning they got 3 runs at their last at bat so we lost :(  But they played a great game!  Go Cubs!!!!

There are pics on Facebook of all of that that has been going on lately :)