My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Monday, November 23, 2009

Awesome Melissa and Doug Giveaway!!!

I LOVE Melissa and Doug toys!!!!!!!! Some of the best!!! We got Hayden a few of their wooden food sets that they can slice and they have been a huge hit with all THREE of the boys!!!!!! Right now they are having a giveaway for their puppet theater and 2 puppets of your choice. Check it out here

Monday, November 16, 2009

Win a Safety 1st Complete Air!!!!!

If you go to this link

You can win a Complete Air!!!!!!! This car seat rear faces to 40lbs! Then forward faces to 50lbs!! Go to that site and read her review, awesome car seat!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My children are strange.

I have decided my kids are strange.

First some GREAT news!!!! Landon came home from school today with a LEVEL 12 BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The goal was for them to get him to level 12 "hopefully" by's not even Thanksgiving and he's there! Yay go Landon!!!!!!!!! We got Daddy on iChat so he could tell him, he's so proud of himself!

But then later he informed me that he would like to change his name. Apparently Landon isn't good enough for him. He would now like to be called David. I don't know...I don't ask questions

While writing this Casen came to me with a dish brush, a new one, and asked me to scratch his foot with it. Why you may ask...again I don't know. I'm telling you...STRANGE

Then Hayden...well he's just strange all around. But he LOVES obsessed with Ellen. He will ask me throughout the day "Is Ellen on?" He likes to dance with her, he yells at me if I pause the show, he gets upset when it's over, he applauds when the audience's really cute to watch. But makes me that strange too? haha

He's also doing really well with potty training!!! Yesterday from about 2-9 he wore undies with 1 accident. Then today he's been in undies all day long, we have had 3 pee accidents and one poo one...but he's got an upset tummy so I'm not surprised. Maybe he'll be potty trained in a week or so :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sleep is for the weak

Or so Hayden thinks.

Why doesn't this child sleep???? It's getting quite frustrating. He didn't sleep through a single night until 15mo. Then he did pretty well for a couple months then it's just been back downhill. He had got into the habit of going to bed at 8 then in the middle of the night sometime he would come to our bed and straight back to sleep...which was fine. But now he's started waking a few times before me and Mark go to sleep, then still the middle of the night thing. I don't get it. He goes down at and Mark go to sleep between that time he's woken up atleast 2-3 times. Usually it's just wake up, we give him a cuddle and put him back in his bed and he's fine. But it's progressively gotten worse now probably 1-2 times a week he wakes up before we go to sleep and is WIDE awake...not going back to sleep for anything. He's up for sometimes a few hours like this. It's starting to make me crazy. Tonight is one of those nights, he woke up and snuck out of his room and hid behind the wall then peeked his head around and Mark saw him so he got up to put him back in bed and noticed he was after he changed him he was wide's been almost an hour. No sign of him going back to sleep. If I just put him back in bed right now he'd scream forever, and get very worked up....I'm not for that. Then naps lately suck too...most days barely an hour...when he really still needs 2 hours.

Can someone please tell him that nighttime is for sleeping...8pm is bedtime, about 1am is good for him to come to our bed and please sleep til 8am in the morning lol. And a 2hr nap from 12-2 please. Thanks.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The things he says

It amazes me the things that come out of the boys mouth...they are hilarious. Landon still is quite funny but he is a bit more reserved, you know with age, what's appropriate, understands more and all his are more jokes now than him saying something and it just sounding funny. I know when he was Casen's age he said the greatest things, too. Now Casen though, he cracks us up all the time. I should really start writing down the things he says because I don't remember alot of what Landon did and it was hilarious. So this is my start...haha

Just this weekend

Casen's "new word" is frustrated haha. Hayden was annoying him and he kept asking him to stop..but of course he wouldn't. So Casen turns to me and says "Ugh I'm so frustrated!!!" then just walks away to ignore fit, no crying or whining, wasn't mean to Hayden. Just expressed how he felt and left it at that lol. Pretty impressive for a 4yr old if you ask me lol

Later that night we were all playing around, chasing them, tickling them all that. Mark had his electric screwdriver on the counter and Casen picks it up and turns to us and says "Ok who wants to get screwed up?!?!?!" hahaha it was great. He has no clue what it means to be "screwed up" which made it all the funnier

Today he came up to me and asked "Mommy, do you know what 2+2+2 is?", I say no, he says "well it's 3 2's which in other words means it's 6!" He's so damn smart! I love it, he amazes us all the time with the things he knows. I got an email about where he should be developmentally for his age and it said the average 4yr old can count to 10...and that most kids that go higher than that do it from sheer memorization and that they are just starting to realize what numbers really mean. Casen counts to 100...and not just from memory, he KNOWS them, he can identify them all by sight too. My smart little boy :)

Halloween 2009

What a great Halloween!!! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

We had a great/busy day! We got up and got everyone dressed to go to the pumpkin patch. Yes late...I know. We were planning to go to one with rides and stuff but on the way we saw another that looked like it had good pumpkins so we just went there. They didn't have tons left but everything looked great and we found a big pumpkin for carving and each of the boys picked a small one. While checking out Mark was talking to the lady and they exchanged business cards so it might even mean some good business for him! Sounded promising :)

We then took the boys to get something to eat and ventured into CRAZY Walmart to get stuff for our Halloween party. Wow it was completely nuts in there yesterday. You could barely move through most aisles, almost no parking spots, long lines, you would have thought it was Christmas or something. Finally made it out of there and went home to get the house ready for company. I took the boys out on the back porch and they got to paint their pumpkins. They loved it, it was a huge mess. They were supposed to paint pictures on it but they got carried away and by the time it was done they were just completely covered in paint....the pumpkins and themselves. We cleaned up and got changed into costumes. Becky and Brad and the kids came over. They all went out trick or treating and got lots of candy. We made them some "mummy pizzas" yummy. Becky made super cute monster brownies. We all just hung out for awhile talking, the kids watched Monsters VS Aliens. Then Becky and them left around 9:30, the boys watched the end of the movie then we put them in bed.

Now Hayden isn't a fan of sleep. Every night when we put him down we have to tape his door closed...I know that sounds awful but 90% of the time he tries to open the door and can't so he goes to sleep. Some nights he cries and we have to go in and out calming him down. But every single night when I close the door he cries...usually like 15sec..gets up checks the door and is done. But he ALWAYS whines for a second. Last night he was so worn out he didn't make a sound, he just passed out! Then every night he wakes atleast once before me and Mark go to bed...usually more like 2-3 times. When we went to sleep last night he still hadn't woke up. Yay!!!! Landon fell asleep in less than 5min lol. Shows what a good day they had haha

But I'm sick :( It sucks...I hate being sick. Doesn't my body know that moms are NOT allowed to get sick??? I've been coughing for a few days but felt fine, last night I started getting congested. Ugh today I just feel like poo....nothing really WRONG besides the cough and congestion just feel like crap. Now Landon started coughing last night but feels fine too. Casen started sniffling today. Funny cause earlier I looked at Casen and then told Mark "he's getting sick too" and Mark said "we'll see". I can just tell by their eyes, their face, moms just know that stuff. Well not an hour later his nose is suddenly running, he's sniffling. Of course I'm right!

Now Mark took Casen and Landon to the grocery store for me, I made him a list so let's see how he does. And as I'm typing this Mark calls....he's NOT going to the store because our car just messed up...wonderful! He thinks the water pump went out?? Don't as me, I don't know. But it's overheating now. Really sucks because we have both thought something was up with the car for a bit, on Friday he took it to a shop to have them fully look it over and they said everything was this. Wonder how much this will cost...