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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sleep is for the weak

Or so Hayden thinks.

Why doesn't this child sleep???? It's getting quite frustrating. He didn't sleep through a single night until 15mo. Then he did pretty well for a couple months then it's just been back downhill. He had got into the habit of going to bed at 8 then in the middle of the night sometime he would come to our bed and straight back to sleep...which was fine. But now he's started waking a few times before me and Mark go to sleep, then still the middle of the night thing. I don't get it. He goes down at and Mark go to sleep between that time he's woken up atleast 2-3 times. Usually it's just wake up, we give him a cuddle and put him back in his bed and he's fine. But it's progressively gotten worse now probably 1-2 times a week he wakes up before we go to sleep and is WIDE awake...not going back to sleep for anything. He's up for sometimes a few hours like this. It's starting to make me crazy. Tonight is one of those nights, he woke up and snuck out of his room and hid behind the wall then peeked his head around and Mark saw him so he got up to put him back in bed and noticed he was after he changed him he was wide's been almost an hour. No sign of him going back to sleep. If I just put him back in bed right now he'd scream forever, and get very worked up....I'm not for that. Then naps lately suck too...most days barely an hour...when he really still needs 2 hours.

Can someone please tell him that nighttime is for sleeping...8pm is bedtime, about 1am is good for him to come to our bed and please sleep til 8am in the morning lol. And a 2hr nap from 12-2 please. Thanks.

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