My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My children are strange.

I have decided my kids are strange.

First some GREAT news!!!! Landon came home from school today with a LEVEL 12 BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The goal was for them to get him to level 12 "hopefully" by's not even Thanksgiving and he's there! Yay go Landon!!!!!!!!! We got Daddy on iChat so he could tell him, he's so proud of himself!

But then later he informed me that he would like to change his name. Apparently Landon isn't good enough for him. He would now like to be called David. I don't know...I don't ask questions

While writing this Casen came to me with a dish brush, a new one, and asked me to scratch his foot with it. Why you may ask...again I don't know. I'm telling you...STRANGE

Then Hayden...well he's just strange all around. But he LOVES obsessed with Ellen. He will ask me throughout the day "Is Ellen on?" He likes to dance with her, he yells at me if I pause the show, he gets upset when it's over, he applauds when the audience's really cute to watch. But makes me that strange too? haha

He's also doing really well with potty training!!! Yesterday from about 2-9 he wore undies with 1 accident. Then today he's been in undies all day long, we have had 3 pee accidents and one poo one...but he's got an upset tummy so I'm not surprised. Maybe he'll be potty trained in a week or so :)

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