My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School!!!!

Yes, yes, I know how horrible I have been with keeping up with this blog.  This summer was really busy and it was just too much to try and keep up with this.  But now school is back in session, let's see how well I can do now that I have 3hrs to myself everyday!!!!! 

Well it's official.  I am now a mommy of a 4th grader, 2nd grader and preschooler!!!!  I really can't believe it!  They are getting big way too fast!

They started back to school on Monday and have been having a great week so far.  

Landon really likes his teacher and has already made a new friend that he talks about constantly!  He is very excited for this school year.  I always think it's fun to remember some of the things they liked from year to year, so I'll tell you a little about what each boy is into right now.  Landon is now 52in I believe and he's about 57lbs.  He is still really into Lego, it's pretty much all he plays with.  He's also into Halo still, Star Wars, Batman.  His best friends are Kolten and Adrian..his new friend is Andrew so we'll see how that goes over the year :)  He is most excited about science this year and the experiments they will do, he's also very excited about math.  He's least excited about the writing portion of the STAAR test.

Casen is thrilled for summer to be over and him to start 2nd grade!  He's even more excited that he got Landon's 2nd grade teacher!  He is now about 48in and 47lbs.  He is starting to really get into lego as well, he also loves his gears toys.  His best friends are Max and Connor.  He is most excited about learning multiplication and cursive this year.  He is least excited about....nothing!  Haha he said he's excited about all of it.  

Hayden is now in pre-k!!!!  For now at least, he is on the waiting list for another program that would be full day and also help more with his speech so it's possible a spot will open up in the next week or two and he'd be switched over to that.  If not he'll remain in pre-k halfdays.  He goes in the afternoon so he has lunch at home then I drop him off at 11:50 and pick him up at 3.  He is loving it so far and really likes his teacher.  He is doing really well following rules so far.  He was very excited that he brought his crocodile book to school and his teacher read it to the class yesterday.  He is SO into alligators/crocodiles right now.  He is most excited about learning how to write and learning all his letters this year, and least excited about nothing :)  He is now almost 38in and 37lbs.

I do still have Preston home with me!  But he's started napping the entire time Hayden is at school so I pretty much have those 3 hours off to clean, relax, catch up on some tv and clean some more!  He is doing great but he has his 15mo appt tomorrow so I'll update on him then :)

Hope everyone's kids have a great school year!!!