My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Home Run King!

Landon's game on Tuesday was GREAT!!!!!   He has improved so much this season, he is really enjoying baseball even more because he is actually getting hits, he's gotten a couple runs now which this is the first season he has gotten any runs...before any hits he got he ended up out or the inning ended before he made it all the way around.  He's getting to play infield more, he does really well at 2nd base and he really enjoys playing there.  

Well on Tuesday they were playing a pretty good team, they were back and forth on who was winning through the entire game, really playing hard.  So Landon gets up there for his first at bat and there were 2 kids already on base.  He got a great hit that went right past the 1st baseman and then past the guy in the outfield.  I guess it wasn't a true home run?  It wasn't over the fence and gone lol but it was a GREAT hit and they weren't able to get it back in before the 2 kids on base and Landon made it all the way around!!!!!!!!!  I was so mad at myself because I've been recording each of his "at bats" and for whatever reason this time I just didn't think to do it.  Man he was so proud of himself it was great!  The stands went crazy because we have been with most of them since he started so they knew how awesome it was for him.  

The next time up he struck out but then his last time up he did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe it!!  2 in one game!!!  That time there was one other kid on base so in total his hits got them 5 runs!!!!  They won the game 16-15 :)  It was a great game and I don't think I've ever seen so much pride in his face.  He was incredibly proud of himself and so were me and Mark.  We kept talking about it all night even after he went to bed...he played so great.  We found out the next day they are doing a summer league and he was still on a high from the night before and is for sure playing! haha  He had been saying at the beginning of the season he wanted to do soccer next and take a break from baseball but not anymore, he's seeing his hard work start to pay off and wants to stay with baseball.  

He has another game tonight, this time against Casen's old coach...should be a good game.  I hope he has as great of a night as Tues