My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

Time to start preparing for back to school....less than a month now.  Can't believe my baby Casen will be starting kindergarten!  And wow...Landon 2nd grade.  It goes by way too fast.  

We have already bought their backpacks, we got some from Pottery Barn, so wish I would have waited though.  I'm not big on character stuff but they just released some nice Batman and Spiderman ones the boys REALLY want.  But oh well, these are personalized so they can't be returned, maybe we'll get those other ones next year for them or something.  But here are theirs we got

They really like them :D  I've been searching for months for the perfect lunch boxes.  I want to make sure I can pack them healthy meals, it be BPA free, reusable....and cute too of course :)  I think I have finally found some that meet all of the above

I'm thinking Jolly Roger and Ivy League.  I love that they have a little white board so I can write them notes every morning, too.  I'm going to get some extra stuff too, like containers for soups that will keep it hot for them.  I need to find them each a water bottle to keep in their backpack for the bus ride home and just in case they need it throughout the day...any ideas?  

We ordered their school supplies through the school. Their school is so specific down to the colors of folders they can have so there is no point in driving all over the place to try and get it all when they don't even get to pick anything out.  So I've been buying little things here and there for them to have, like Batman pencils, I think I might get some personalized ones too.  I do need to go to Target or an office supply store and stock back up on supplies for home...we are doing Tot school with Hayden this year at home.  Need to do some more lesson planning for that as well.  

This week we are getting back into our school schedule, the only thing I'm not doing is making the boys wake up at 7am, they wake up not long after that anyways.  So this is how our day looks now

Wake up, they get themselves dressed with the clothes I lay out the day before, make their bed and pick up their room
Brush teeth
Right now they play after this, but it will be getting backpacks ready and leaving with Daddy for school
Then after school (4pm)
Homework (we'll be doing reading at this time until then)
Clean up around the house
Start dinner (they help me cook every night)
Clean up room
Reading time in bed
Lights out at 8pm

Today has gone great.  Very good Monday....hope the week is this great :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swimming with Heather and Alissa

Sunday morning Heather and Alissa came over for a visit and to go swimming.  This is the first time we've been able to take the boys down to our pool this year, and first time they've been swimming in 2 summers because of the crap last year with our pool!  They were in the lake last year, but not a pool, loved tubing last year until they flipped over in the tube, many that was awful!  Anyways.......

We got everyone covered in sunscreen and ready to go to the pool, put 50spf all over me too btw.  We were down there a couple hours and they had so much fun!

Landon, who has always hated water in his face, took his floaties off and was trying to teach himself to swim, doing really well too.  Alissa taught him how to go underwater so they were doing that a lot too.  

The birthday twins...or that's what Landon says, they were both born on April 12 two years apart :)

I was so proud of Landon, he was having a blast and can't wait to go back!  A few more pics of him swimming

Casen had a lot of fun too, he kept to himself for the most part...typical Casen.  He was really focused on what he was doing, I'm sure trying to figure it out in his head, how to do it so he could do it without floaties too.  He loved swimming but was more cautious about the water, didn't want to go underwater at all...maybe next time.  Here are some pics of him swimming :)

Then there was Haydy :)  He was scared at first

But warmed up quickly.  At first he couldn't figure out how to keep his face up out of the water and actually move around with his floaties on but once he did he HAD to do it on his own and swam all over the place.  Even jumping off the side and going under water for a minute when he landed and then swimming off.  He absolutely loved the water...and always has.  This is the first time he's been in the pool since he was under a year old, but he loves the bath and the lake.  

More pics of Hayden.

Tonight Aunt Dessa is coming over to go swimming with us, the boys can't wait!  They always have tons of fun when Aunt Dessa comes around :D  

My 3 loves

Our 8yr Anniversary!

Been busy around here lately!  

Mark has been out of town since Sunday morning, was supposed to be back Monday night possibly Tues...which then turned into Tues Wed and possibly Thursday.  The boys miss him so much, can't wait for him to get back.  

Saturday was our 8yr anniversary!!!!  Can't believe it's been that long!  Loved every minute of it...ok just about :)  We weren't able to go out alone but that's ok.  He wanted to make sure he spent all of Saturday with the boys since he'd be going out of town.  He did let me sleep in then I got up and took a long bath, got everyone ready and we went to the farmer's market here in downtown, first time going and it was pretty nice.  We went close to closing time so a lot of booths had already shut down but we did get some delicious peaches, 6 big ones for $5.  And then there is an Amish family that has a booth that they sell baked goods, we bought some cinnamon raisin bread that was really good!  Going to get another loaf and try some other stuff this week.  Loved the ingredient list on there, a total of maybe 7 things, all natural things too!  Soo yummy.  After that we met Gail for lunch then went to Kohls to convince the boys they didn't want the black hi top converse we bought them for school the week before lol.  They finally agreed and then we went in and they had Cat in the Hat hi top Converse and it was all over, they weren't budging.  Luckily they look really cute in them so it's ok :)

                                                Casen showing off his shoes

They love them!  Landon and Casen both got the same ones, of course.  We had bought Hayden these One Fish Two Fish ones but he decided he liked another pair better, plus these weren't going with as much as we had hoped so we exchanged them that day too

This was his old pair Seuss/717679F

And here are his new ones....

Also at Kohls we got started on some back to school clothes shopping.  Can't believe Casen will be starting kindergarten this year and Landon 2nd grade!  We got them each 4 shirts, Casen 2 prs of shorts and Landon 1pr of shorts.  Not a bad start :)  I have already picked the rest that I want for them, just need to go online and order it or go to the stores, well if I can so I don't have to wait for shipping!  Love shopping :D  

After Kohls we stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home and got the boys some ice cream. 

When we got home the boys new booster seats were waiting for us yay!!!!  So in the hot ass Texas heat I rearranged their car seats :D  Casen is so happy to move into a booster, he feels like a big kid now, and we got Landon a better and more comfortable booster so he's happy.  Hayden is also back RF which makes ME happy!  

The new set up

Great lap belt fit!  Not on his stomach at all, just high on his thighs

So happy to try out his new seat!  He just BARELY makes the weight, 40lbs, he was 41lbs fully dressed when I weighed him after the pics, but he varies from 38-40lbs without shoes depending on the day.  Gotta move the head rest down from this pic though

Landon trying out his new seat, listening to his iPhone, feel like I have a teenager already lol

Great lap belt fit on him too, he's 49-51lbs depending on the day and his clothes and shoes, 7yrs as of April

Not on his stomach

They watched a movie with Daddy and played some before bed.  We had been telling them about him going out of town but when he was putting them down that night he was talking to them about it some more and Landon was holding back tears, very upset that he was leaving.  Then Casen says "stop it! stop it daddy!  You're making me sad" and .2 seconds later he burst into tears :(  Landon "sucked it up" and set aside how he was feeling to comfort Casen and started talking all positive about it, how it wasn't that long and it would just be like Daddy was working late and leaving for work before they woke up.  Landon is such an amazing little boy and awesome big brother!  

All in all we had a wonderful anniversary, spent a great day together as a family, what more could I ask?   

Here's to another wonderful 8yrs and many many more after that!  Love you baby and can't wait for you to get home in a couple days!

Monday, July 12, 2010

51st Birthday

Today is my Dad's 51st birthday, Happy Birthday Daddy!  We love and miss you so much!!!!  I can't believe it's already been 2 1/2yrs that you've been gone :(  I came across this picture recently and I think it might be the only picture I have of the boys with him

Landon was 3 and Casen 1.  The boys miss their PawPaw.  Really wish Hayden had the chance to meet him before he died.  But I like to think he has in other ways.  The other night I was laying in bed with Hayden and he talks in his sleep and I heard him say "pawpaw" a few different times, once talking about mommy too and another talking about maggie...he was saying a lot of other stuff I couldn't understand.  When I was a baby-kid me and my dad would talk to each other in our sleep, carry on full conversations, neither of us remembered in the morning but my mom said it would freak her out, that I had done it since I was really young.  So I like to think that maybe Hayden really was talking to my Daddy in his sleep like I used to.  <3

So to my Dad...I hope you are better wherever you are and we love you sooo much and miss you every day.  I hope you are celebrating your birthday somewhere, maybe closer to us than we realize.  Wish you were here for just one more hug, love you lots

Monday, July 5, 2010

Knickernappies 3 diaper giveaway!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

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