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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swimming with Heather and Alissa

Sunday morning Heather and Alissa came over for a visit and to go swimming.  This is the first time we've been able to take the boys down to our pool this year, and first time they've been swimming in 2 summers because of the crap last year with our pool!  They were in the lake last year, but not a pool, loved tubing last year until they flipped over in the tube, many that was awful!  Anyways.......

We got everyone covered in sunscreen and ready to go to the pool, put 50spf all over me too btw.  We were down there a couple hours and they had so much fun!

Landon, who has always hated water in his face, took his floaties off and was trying to teach himself to swim, doing really well too.  Alissa taught him how to go underwater so they were doing that a lot too.  

The birthday twins...or that's what Landon says, they were both born on April 12 two years apart :)

I was so proud of Landon, he was having a blast and can't wait to go back!  A few more pics of him swimming

Casen had a lot of fun too, he kept to himself for the most part...typical Casen.  He was really focused on what he was doing, I'm sure trying to figure it out in his head, how to do it so he could do it without floaties too.  He loved swimming but was more cautious about the water, didn't want to go underwater at all...maybe next time.  Here are some pics of him swimming :)

Then there was Haydy :)  He was scared at first

But warmed up quickly.  At first he couldn't figure out how to keep his face up out of the water and actually move around with his floaties on but once he did he HAD to do it on his own and swam all over the place.  Even jumping off the side and going under water for a minute when he landed and then swimming off.  He absolutely loved the water...and always has.  This is the first time he's been in the pool since he was under a year old, but he loves the bath and the lake.  

More pics of Hayden.

Tonight Aunt Dessa is coming over to go swimming with us, the boys can't wait!  They always have tons of fun when Aunt Dessa comes around :D  

My 3 loves

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