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Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

Time to start preparing for back to school....less than a month now.  Can't believe my baby Casen will be starting kindergarten!  And wow...Landon 2nd grade.  It goes by way too fast.  

We have already bought their backpacks, we got some from Pottery Barn, so wish I would have waited though.  I'm not big on character stuff but they just released some nice Batman and Spiderman ones the boys REALLY want.  But oh well, these are personalized so they can't be returned, maybe we'll get those other ones next year for them or something.  But here are theirs we got

They really like them :D  I've been searching for months for the perfect lunch boxes.  I want to make sure I can pack them healthy meals, it be BPA free, reusable....and cute too of course :)  I think I have finally found some that meet all of the above

I'm thinking Jolly Roger and Ivy League.  I love that they have a little white board so I can write them notes every morning, too.  I'm going to get some extra stuff too, like containers for soups that will keep it hot for them.  I need to find them each a water bottle to keep in their backpack for the bus ride home and just in case they need it throughout the day...any ideas?  

We ordered their school supplies through the school. Their school is so specific down to the colors of folders they can have so there is no point in driving all over the place to try and get it all when they don't even get to pick anything out.  So I've been buying little things here and there for them to have, like Batman pencils, I think I might get some personalized ones too.  I do need to go to Target or an office supply store and stock back up on supplies for home...we are doing Tot school with Hayden this year at home.  Need to do some more lesson planning for that as well.  

This week we are getting back into our school schedule, the only thing I'm not doing is making the boys wake up at 7am, they wake up not long after that anyways.  So this is how our day looks now

Wake up, they get themselves dressed with the clothes I lay out the day before, make their bed and pick up their room
Brush teeth
Right now they play after this, but it will be getting backpacks ready and leaving with Daddy for school
Then after school (4pm)
Homework (we'll be doing reading at this time until then)
Clean up around the house
Start dinner (they help me cook every night)
Clean up room
Reading time in bed
Lights out at 8pm

Today has gone great.  Very good Monday....hope the week is this great :)

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