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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Night away from home

The boys are spending the night with Aunt Dessa tonight.  First night away in....I don't even know how long!  I think Hayden's only stayed the night away 1-2x, I know once on Thanksgiving night so we could do Black Friday shopping..that might be the only time, otherwise one more time since then.  I miss my babies :(  Landon and Casen almost never stay away either...same amount of times since Hayden was born.  But I know they are having fun so it's ok.  

Dessa has been keeping me up to date all night :)  Mark and I went to dinner at Babe's Chicken House...YUM!!!!  It was really good.  The boys called to tell me goodnight, Dessa said Casen had been telling her he was sleepy for awhile, I think really he just wanted to call and talk to mommy.  First I talked to Hayden then Landon got on the phone and he immediately asked where Daddy was, told me he missed and loved me but wanted to talk to him lol.  So gave the phone to Mark and he talked to him, then Casen got on the phone and immediately asked where I was.  Typical of them lol.  

When getting ready to go today the boys packed their backpacks up with toys so I was going through it to figure out what they should really take and add clothes and noticed Casen didn't have his puppy.  For those who don't know Casen's puppy has super powers, it keeps bad dreams away and calms him when he gets upset.  Casen has some anxiety issues when he's out of routine or somewhere he isn't used to.  Lots of hand washing, or other repeated things like that...very OCD.  He's been fine lately but I think that's because he has been home, no new changes or anything.  ANYWAYS....puppy wasn't in his bag.  So I told him to go get him, he keeps him on his bed at all times, went back there all excited and 10sec later he's in tears, screaming, crying, heavy breathing, totally freaking out!  Puppy was missing.  Not in his place.  It was seriously like a flip of a switch, fine, then total panic attack.  But we found the puppy and he was ok.  I was putting him in his backpack and Casen said "I hope I don't cry tonight, I always cry when I'm not with you for long" :(  But he's been ok so far she says.  He told her that without her hair she looks like me, we have the same face, he says. :)

Landon is having a blast, he misses us, but he's ok.  He told her she has awesome plates and the best apartment ever lol.  

She told Hayden the rule for Aunt Dessa's house was he had to use the potty, she doesn't want to deal with cloth, but that's all he wears.  So far he hasn't peed in his diaper and has been going in the potty :)  Be great if she sent him back potty trained lol.  I was planning on working with him as soon as the boys started school...he's too distracted at home.  

Last I heard, at 11:30, they were having a pillow fight with Chris lol.  She's gonna wear them out and they'll just pass out soon, surely by now they are asleep.......

Hope they sleep well, missing my babies <3

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