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Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet the teacher night

Been so busy the past few days I haven't had time to update about the boys Meet the Teacher night.  They had it on Thursday.  

First, we went into the gym and picked up the boys school supplies we had ordered...OMG so much easier this way, def doing this every year we can lol.  Then found out what teachers they had and went to see their classrooms.  

We went to Landon's room first and met his teacher.  She seems very nice and he really loved his classroom.  We labeled his supplies and left that with her.  Talked for a few minutes then went to find Casen's classroom.  Luckily it's right down the same hall, maybe 50ft from Landon's.  His teacher seemed really really nice too, very bubbly too, great for kindergarten. He found his seat right away and was in heaven.  This child has been ready for kindergarten for 2yrs, he's so smart.  She had him right at the front of the class, perfect place for him, always wanting to learn.  He found his locker and checked out the rest of the room.  He is so excited.  We talked to his teacher about his OCD and anxiety issues and she said it was fine for him to bring his puppy for the first week or 2 in his backpack for comfort...which is great for him, help him calm down if needed.  

But it went great, I think they will have a wonderful year!

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