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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 7

School just started and both boys have already asked me to buy their lunch :(  WHAT!?  Landon said he just wanted to buy on chicken nugget day so next mission is to find a good recipe for nuggets that the breading will hold up to being in the lunchbox all morning, not get all soggy and yuck.  I think with Casen it's just the new factor.  First year in school, most kids in his class buy so he just wants to try.  I'll eventually give in and let him.  He said the biggest reason is he wanted strawberry milk so fine, that's what they get in their "water" bottles today.  Yeah, yeah I know....strawberry milk, sugar, unhealthy, etc...but I figure occasionally having stuff like that is fine, there is no reason to go fully without and make them want it even more.  

I've been cooking all night since they went to bed.  I was going to do it earlier but I got the new Shark Vac Then Steam and I got a bit carried away. If you have a lot of tile, wood flooring in your house you NEED it!  It's amazing, love it!!!!  Then I cleaned out the fridge, reorganized it and cleaned all the shelves and drawers...looks good :)  Then had to clean the rest of the house, make snacks, get the boys settled so I could jump in the shower.  Then get everyone ready to go to Casen's parent orientation (which went really well!) then home to make dinner, baths and boys in bed.  Then I've been cooking......laying in bed now typing this up about to go to sleep.  Tomorrow evening is Casen's baseball so thinking we'll do a crock pot recipe tomorrow, not so much work!  

Day 7's Lunch
Strawberry milk

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