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Monday, August 9, 2010

Potty Training Hayden

Well we are potty training's about time!  Haha

This is day 6 and he's doing pretty good so far.  We started out on the first day using a timer, i set it for 30min and had him go every time it went off.  Did the same the next day.  Day 2 he only had one pee accident all day.  Then day 3 I did it without timer all day and again only one accident.  Then this weekend he had like 2 accidents a day, I think he was just too busy with Daddy being home he kept forgetting.  But we are getting there!!!!! 

He even went out for a few hours both Saturday and Sunday in underwear with no accidents!

We are having some #2 issues which is strange because he's been able to do that for months, not every time but quite a bit and since really starting potty training he hasn't made it fully in the potty for it.  Hopefully this week goes better though :)

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