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Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school

Today went great!!!!!  They had wonderful days and can't wait to go back tomorrow!  

I got up about 6:50 and got my clothes and came out to the living room to get dressed and a few min later Landon and Casen walked in, woke up on their own, big smiles on their faces.  They went and got dressed while asking about 1000 questions and running around like crazy while I tried to finish up their lunches and make them breakfast.  I made them eggs and waffles for breakfast, yum!  They ate and by then we were running late, got shoes on in a hurry and ran out the door.  Got to the school and luckily lots of people were running late.  I walked Landon to his class first and took a pic real quick outside his room, didn't come out good :(  But I tried to give him a kiss and he turned his cheek for me to kiss there then took off into his classroom...getting too big I guess.  Sad!  

I then walked Casen down to his classroom, he was getting nervous but still very excited.  We walked in and he put his backpack and blanket away in his locker and then gave me kisses and sat in his seat.  I snapped a few pics then left fighting back tears.  But he didn't cry, he did really well!  Came back home with Hayden and we told Daddy bye.  We hung out all morning, played trains, watched some tv, danced.  Then got really tired and took an early nap.  When we got up he hadn't peed again, 3rd day no peeing in his diaper at nap or bedtime!!!  WTG Hayden!  Then he helped me make turkey pesto meatballs for our lunch.  We ate and hung out some more, the day was going by really slowly, couldn't wait for the boys to get home to find out how their day went.  Mark showed up about 3:15 because he wanted to see them get off the bus on their first day, awww good Daddy :)  They didn't get home until almost 4 though!  We all walked out to meet them and got lots of hugs and tons of stories from the day.  

Here are some pics from today

Landon outside his classroom
Casen outside his classroom

Hayden ready for the day at home with Mommy
Waiting on the boys bus
Maggie excited to see them too

First day of school= TOTAL SUCCESS!!!!!

Now I'm off to bed, lunches are done (pics to come tomorrow) and everything is laid out and prepared, hopefully tomorrow morning goes a little smoother

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