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Monday, August 30, 2010

Baseball Practices Have Started Back

Well fall season has started!  The boys are so excited to be playing again.  Landon's practices started back on Friday.  Casen hasn't had a practice yet but I'm sure this week.  

Landon amazed me on Friday though!  Last season was his first to ever play, he played on a team with kids that had been playing since they were like 4....they were good.  Most were also aging out of coach pitch and ready for kid pitch so they were just some awesome players.  Landon being his first year really wasn't very good.  He was a bit scared of the ball so wouldn't get out there and try and catch it, he didn't throw well and barely hit the ball.  But on Friday he got out there and was so into it.  He was into the game vs playing with the kids this time.  He was catching, fielding and throwing so well.  They even had him practicing on 1st base which he was thrilled about.  He really did a great job!  Tonight they had another practice and he played short stop and 3rd base, he did good but the sun was in his face and we forgot his hat so not as good as Friday, he is super sensitive to light so he could barely see.  But after practice he asked to stay and throw some more and he was in the shade then and was doing so much better.  Fielding REALLY well, caught a pop fly which he was thrilled about and throwing so much better.  His aim has gotten a lot better he just needs to throw a bit harder, he can't get it from 3rd over to 1st but he's doing sooooo much better than he was last season.  They practiced batting today and he didn't get a hit but he was swinging much better and harder so he'll get it soon I'm sure :)  

He is really hoping to get to play infield and some bases this season.  

Casen can't wait for his practices to start he's been so bummed about Landon having 2 and him none so far.  They've been practicing all summer he can't wait to show his coach how much he's improved too.  

The season officially starts on Sept 7th so I'm sure we will have our first game that day or that week.   The boys are going to be worn out from school and practices or games almost everyday but we are excited.  

Tomorrow starts the 2nd week of school, Casen has talked about it all weekend and can't wait to go back tomorrow :)

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