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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 8

Well we got Hayden signed up for baseball today!!!!!  Really "blast ball" which is like tball but for 3-4yr olds.  He is technically too young but they want him to play anyways.  He is so thrilled!  He can't wait for his first practice.  

Tonight was Casen's first practice and he had a great time.  He had a lot of fun and was really happy to be back out there.  

Landon came home from school with his folder signed YET again.  5x in the 7 days of school!  So I wrote his teacher wondering what in the world was going on because this isn't like Landon at all.  His teacher called me back to talk about it and said that pretty much all the kids have been getting signed a few times and that she can tell Landon is a really good kid and he's just adjusting to her rules but she likes to enforce them from day one and she thinks that after he gets used to it he'll be great.  She said he's very smart and well behaved just keeps talking.  She also said though that most of the time he's getting in "trouble" is during math and I figured out why today.   He brought home homework, a math worksheet with about 20questions on the front and 20 on the back, he sat down and was done in about 2 minutes.  So....he's bored!  But they are reviewing from last year so I'm sure once they get into new stuff he'll be fine.  Just gotta get past these first few weeks.  I'm really glad I talked to her though because we had been grounding Landon to his room everyday he got his folder signed.  After talking to her today and realizing what it was about and how he really wasn't being "bad" we won't be doing that anymore.  If later in the year he starts getting in trouble again we will address it then.  

Today Casen left his lunchbox in his locker so luckily I had bought some extra little containers so I packed his lunch in that today.  Tonight for dinner we tried 'chicken in a crockpot' and Casen loved it and asked for LOTS in his lunch here are their lunches

Chicken in a crock pot (Landon has some BBQ sauce to dip, couldn't find anything to put in Casen's 'lunchbox' to give him some so without for him)
Apple Banana Muffin
2 Carrot Snack Sticks
Cantaloupe and Strawberries
Granola Bar
Bottle of water

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