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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 5 Lunch

Can't believe tomorrow is already the end of week 1 of school for the boys.  They are absolutely loving it, but are also completely worn out and tomorrow starts baseball practice so even more tired, maybe they'll actually sleep in on Saturday.  

Today was a much better day around here, Casen finally remembered his daily folder and he's gotten stamps all week (good thing).  His teacher called today to schedule parent orientation and told me he is the sweetest kid in her class, so well behaved, polite and very smart.  Yay :)  

Here was their snack plate from today, they were still hungry after it, piggies. 

Blueberry yogurt pretzels
cheese cubes
cream cheese and strawberry jam on a whole wheat tortilla

For lunches on Friday I'm going to let them fully choose what they get so here is what they chose this week

Casen's on the left and Landon's on the right
PB&J on honey wheat bread
strawberries kiwi and grape
blueberry yogurt pretzels
cheese cut into shapes
Revolution Foods jammy sammy (apple cinnamon oatmeal)
Bottle of water

Southwest turkey wrap
strawberries and kiwi
blueberry yogurt pretzels
yogurt raisins
Revolution Foods jammy sammy (apple cinnamon oatmeal)
Bottle of water

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