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Friday, August 27, 2010

Back To School Blog and Twitter Party with Fed up with Lunch

Feeding my boys healthy, homemade foods is something I feel very strongly about.  I am constantly trying to improve their eating habits and have them try new foods.  I love when I come across blogs that help me with that. I hope that one day my blog will be as informative as theirs and help other moms come up with ideas for school lunches and healthy recipes to make for their kids

I found a blog today via called Fed up with school lunch, they are doing a Back to School Blog and Twitter party.  Go check it out!  Questions from her blog post.....

  • How is “Back to School” going for your family? Great so far, we are one week in and I have to say this week was a total success.  No tears, happy and excited kids that are ready for next week
  • Is school lunch important part of your child’s day? Yes, lunchtime is one of their favorites, what can I say my kids love to eat!  
  • What is school lunch like at your school or your child’s school? Pretty typical I think, they do offer a fresh fruits and veggie bar each day, but the entree choices are what I remember as a kid...chicken nuggets, burritos, pizza and all the flavored milks
  • Does school lunch need to be reformed? Yes!  Healthier options!  Our last school was a bit better, they had chef's salad almost everyday, baked potato bar, a lot healthier options
  • Do you pack lunch for your kids and what do you pack?  Yes, I try and change it up, I've started posting their daily menu here on my blog.  Sandwiches, wraps, pastas, rice cakes, fresh fruits and veggies, homemade snacks and treats.....lots more to come as we get into the school year more.  We did fairly easy stuff this week just because it was all so chaotic getting back into the school routine
  • Do you write notes in your kid’s lunches and what do you write? Yes the lunch boxes we got this year have a little white board inside so I write them a note everyday usually telling them I love them, to have a good day, etc.  I think I'm going to take from someone else I saw that answered these questions and do little facts on there too
  • What are some of your favorite lunch recipes (kid-friendly or adult-friendly)? Southwest turkey wraps, granola balls, turkey pesto meatballs...I find a lot of my recipes on
  • What are some great beverages for kids and adults? We mostly do water or maybe some watered down juice
  • What is a traditional food item that you have made even more healthy and how did you do it? I think by making things homemade instead of relying on processed already made things it helps alot, using fresh ingredients.  We like to make homemade pizza pockets but stuff them with veggies and use pizza dough from a health food store or make our own
  • How much time should kids get to eat lunch? About 25-30min
  • What are some products that you use when you pack lunch? We love our lunch boxes from  we also use camelbak water bottles that we really like

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  1. Thanks for participating! Homemade pizza pockets -- what a great idea!