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Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend before first day of school

Can't believe that in just a few short hours I'll be sending TWO of my babies off to school!!!  We had a really busy weekend trying to prepare for it.  Saturday we went to Costco and then met Gail for lunch, came home and realized we should have left the boys with her overnight so we could get the house all organized and clean for them.  So called her and she said she'd keep them so drove back out to meet her to drop them off lol.  Then went and saw Heather for a bit, talked to friends, it was nice.  Came home and watched some tv and went to bed :)  Got to sleep in which was great!!!  Then we got up and cleaned out and organized Hayden's room, set it up for him and moved him back in there, rearranged the boys' rooms and got them all organized.  Went and picked up my babies and took them for haircuts and to Sprouts then home for baths and bed.  They are soooo excited for school tomorrow!  They were worn out from the day outside with Grandma and fell asleep as soon as they hit the pillow.  

I've been planning for weeks the boys school lunches, I'm really excited about their new lunch boxes and all the HEALTHY meals I'll be able to pack in them.  So after they went to bed I packed their lunch, baked breakfast cupcakes for them and now I'm sitting here being sad :(  

Here is their first school lunch, missing the breakfast cupcake that I'll add in the morning after cooking off the pasta
Cheese filled fish shaped pasta, veggie straws and frog shaped piece of cheese, apples and grapes, blueberry yogurt pretzels and a bottle of water :)  

Their lunch boxes are great and have a small whiteboard on the inside of the lunch bag so I wrote them a note on it and they are now in the fridge waiting for the morning!  

I really hope they have a wonderful first day, can't wait to hear about it

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