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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Monday, June 28, 2010

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Friday, June 25, 2010

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

End of Spring Baseball

Well we are done with baseball for the season...kinda sad but happy at the same time man it's getting hot out there!  

Last night was Landon's first tournament game.  They won!  11-6  They were on it last night and kicked some butt :) It was the first time Gail had watched Landon play and he got up there to bat for the first time and he swung and missed she quite loudly goes "Ugh! Landon come on!"  I was NOT happy, told her not to say that kind of crap to him again but he had heard.  His face dropped, he lost his confidence and he did very badly the rest of the game.  He swung at the first 3 pitches each time like he was just trying to get out of there, he didn't look happy anymore.  I was so mad about it.  You don't need to be negative to get him to do better, he has improved so much and is trying his best. But anyways here are a few pictures from that game

Landon playing catcher

Throwing the ball back to the pitcher

 Up to bat

 Some practice swings

Then today they had their 2nd game at 1:30.  It was HOT!!!  The coach seemed off today, his pitching wasn't very good at all.  The ended up losing so they finished the season in 3rd place.  But they tried hard and played a really good game.  The final score was 6-8.  Last game with those kids, in the fall he'll be playing with 3 of them and then an all new team.  Casen's coach said he'd work with him so hopefully he'll be even better come the fall season.  Here are some pics from his game today

With his trophy and coach

Casen had his 2nd game today against a really tough team.  I missed the start of the game but apparently they shut them down quick and then the other team got 5 runs.  So they started out the game down, plus the other team would get last bat.  They fought back though and kept tying it back up.  They played soooo hard but in the last inning that other team got one more run and they called ball game 14-15.  Casen got a few runs and good hits, he played well today.  And pics from his game today :)

Running home! 

Getting his trophy

Casen and Coach Justin

So now baseball is over for the season and I'm about to go and sign them up for fall.  They are both really excited about it and can't wait to practice more this summer with us and hopefully Dallas and his dad too.  But tomorrow we will be relaxing in the pool (hopefully) and taking a bit of a break from baseball this next week.  Hope everyone has a Happy Father's Day!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Casen's first tournament game

Landon had that scrimmage today just to practice and they played really well.  They won, yay!!!!  Tomorrow will be his first tournament game, starts at 7:45 against the Dodgers who they played and pretty much crushed earlier in the season.  So hopefully they will win the game tomorrow and move on to play on Saturday as well.  

Casen's first tournament game was tonight and they were awesome!!!  They were on their game from the second they stepped on the field!  They killed the other team.  They all played so well it was great.  Casen did get out twice but got a run.  He was a bit off all night, I think the heat was getting to him again, they had to run him off the field in the middle of the inning because he was about to start throwing up, but he got cooled down and finished the game fine and was fine tonight.  He'll get a break tomorrow except having to be in the heat while Landon plays but won't have to play himself.  They won 15-6 tonight :)  

Here are some pictures from tonight's game

Posing for me before he went up to bat

Measuring his distance

Ready to go

About to run home

Running home

And he's safe!

Thumbs up for Mommy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heat Exhaustion

Well yesterday's baseball practice was eventful!

First we had Landon's from 5pm-6:30, he did really well.  He got to learn to play 1st base for the first time and got 2 outs, yay!!!!  He really liked it, he just needs to get better at catching and he'll be really good at it!  After practice was over I talked with his coach about the kids saying they didn't like Landon.  He was not happy about it, but not surprised about one kid in particular.  I told him how it made Landon not want to play in the fall but that he wanted to play ball but not with those kids :(  So he told me he had made the decision and got it approved to move the team up in the fall to kid pitch.  So the only kids staying back will be Landon and 3 others.  The two assistant coaches will be his new coaches.  I told Landon and he has decided to play in the fall!!!  He likes the kids staying behind :)  So that is settled, his current coach said he will have a talk with them all about being team players and all that stuff too.  Everyone was nice to Landon at practice yesterday though so that's good

After that practice ended Mark dropped me, Casen and Landon off at Casen's practice.  We got there 30min early so the boys were playing on the playground for awhile.  Then practice started and they always line up and the coach throws to them, they catch and throw it back to warm up.  Casen kept sitting down so his coach asked if he was ok and he said no his legs were really hurting so he sent him over to me to sit down. I let him sit for a few minutes and then tried to get him to go back and play and he said he couldn't.  His lips were the same color as his skin!  All of the color had drained from his face, he was extremely pale.  So I let him sit with me and he fell asleep for a few minutes then suddenly stood up and said he was going to throw up.  Before I could react he was throwing up everywhere.  He ended up doing it like 6x, tons and tons of water.  His coach came over to make sure he was ok and he calmed down some.  After sitting for a few more minutes he popped up and said he could play and went and finished practice!  Tough guy!  

I'm pretty sure it was heat exhuastion...symptoms

  • heavy sweating (check!)
  • paleness (check!)
  • muscle cramps (check! must have been why his legs were hurting)
  • tiredness (check!)
  • weakness (check!)
  • dizziness 
  • headache (check!)
  • nausea or vomiting (check!)
  • fainting (luckily not!)

Also says the skin might be cool and moist which is was.  Poor guy!  Texas is too damn hot!!!!!!!  He has a game tonight, first game of the tournament, if they win they will continue on and get to play sat at 11:30, if they win that they play again at 2:30 for the final game.  Wish them luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Schedule and adjustment to marble system

The start of this week had been great, I hope it continues :)  We have started our new summer schedule today, wanted to put something in place so the boys know what's coming up next, I put it on a poster and hung it up for them.  So this is what our days look like now....until we get another car then we will be out of the house all the time! 

Wake up
Breakfast (Landon feeds Maggie)
Brush Teeth
Make Beds
TV time
Activity together-crafts, learning time, swimming, board game, etc
11:30 Lunch (Hayden feeds Maggie)
12 Hayden naptime/Landon and Casen get a book and go read in their rooms then play quietly for a little while
1pm they can get up and watch a movie, play xbox..something quietly while Hayden finishes up nap
2pm snack time
3pm outside play
4pm snack again...they are piggys 
5pm chore time/clean-up time
6pm start dinner
7pm eat dinner
7:30 baths
8 family time
9pm brush teeth, story and bed

Then we changed up the marble reward system some so they could really earn more and see the results faster, at the rate we were going it would have taken 2 mo to fill the jar.  Now we have it where they earn more and have more ways of earning, plus they only have to fill it halfway so if they are doing what they should they should get a reward every few weeks.  Right now they are really excited about it so I hope the excitement keeps up.  

These are their daily "chores" they have to do, if they do it on their own or with only being asked once that's when they earn the marbles, if I have to ask more than once they still have to do it but with no marbles

  • Make bed (+1)
  • Brush teeth in morning and night (+1 each time)
  • Put dirty clothes in basket (+1)
  • Clear dishes from table (+1 each meal)
  • Keep room clean (+2)
  • Put clothes away, I fold them and they put them in their drawers neatly (+2)
  • Clean up after themselves (+3 for doing it all day)
  • Feed Maggie (+1)
  • Read book (+1 for each book)

They can also earn just for being really well behaved we will reward them for that of course.  Then they can help me and Mark out by doing our "chores" or extra stuff just to make our life a little easier.  For each they do they get 3 marbles

  • Help cook
  • Help with whatever cleaning we ask
  • Pick up any trash
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Vacuum
  • Clean their bathroom
  • Help with laundry

Then if they break any of our "House Rules" they will lose one marble

  • Be respectful
  • No lying
  • No hitting
  • No arguing
  • No name calling
  • Don't refuse to do what you're asked
  • No yelling-if we yell we owe them a marble

I think it will be really effective, so far it has been.  Today has been an awesome day.  All 3 boys are actually napping right now.  We allowed them to stay up until 11pm last night but they were all up by 7:30 this morning so they were worn out....Maggie too, as I write this she is sprawled out on her back across the couch :) Once they fill their jar halfway they will be allowed to pick a new toy, video game, have special time with me and Mark doing whatever they want, or get some cash they can save

One more thing.....5 days til our pool opens!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait!!!!  I will be teaching all 3 boys to swim this year...any tips :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thirsties Duo Diapers!!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last games of the season!

Tuesday was Landon's last game of the season, they both have tournaments next week but for regular games.   They won against a great team!!  The final score was 6-5.  Landon got a good hit too!  So proud of how much he's improved.  This was the first time all season that he made it on base when he hit!!  It amazes me how good these kids are lol.  He brought someone home with his hit and eventually made it to 3rd but someone else got out which made 3 so he didn't get to make a run :(  

They finished out in 3rd place for the season.  7 wins 2 losses and 1 tie game.  Not bad :)

Tonight was Casen's last game, again against a really hard team.  Casen's first time up to bat he did awesome!   He hit it hard and far, his coach was even surprised.  He made a couple runs tonight.  Then he got to play 3rd base!  He's only played a base one other time this season and it was when we already had the game one and it was just for fun really.  But this time the ball only came his way once but he got it quick and got the kid out!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was so proud of was mommy and daddy :)  Wish I had my camera to capture that look on his face.  I'm hoping since he played well he will get to play during the tournaments there some too.  

They lost tonight, I think that will put them in 3rd place too 6 wins 2 losses and 2 tie games.  

Their tournaments are next week, it's single elimination so I hope both their teams are on it from the beginning so they can place well!  

We got some shirts made for some of Casen's team, my mom, sister, Hayden and myself to wear to the boys tournaments and for fall season.  We got them today, they turned out great

Hayden modeling his Cubs shirt for Landon's team and Rangers for Casen's
 Mine says Landon's/Casen's Mom on the back with their numbers.  I think they turned out cute, everyone there liked the ones they got too.  

Wish the boys luck in their tournaments next week!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

First week of Summer

I can't believe Landon is officially a 2nd grader and Casen a kindergartener!!!!  How did it go so fast?  This week is the first week of summer!  I really need to figure out more for them to do this summer but for now I went to Michael's yesterday :)

First, we are starting a new reward/discipline "technique".  We went and got them each a jar which we decorated and put their names on and they are going to earn/lose "marbles".  Marbles used to be really common...I couldn't find them ANYWHERE...crazy.  So I got some of the decorative stone type things that you put in a vase....almost like weird shaped marbles.  Got them each different colors so no fighting!  We are going to sit them down tonight and explain the chores, what's expected, how they can earn and what will cause them to lose.  I hope it helps everyone but especially Hayden.  

While at Michael's I also picked up a few crafts for the week.  I've been wanting to order from Oriental Trading with the girls from the forum but I'm having a hard time getting everyone to help me choose.  Hopefully this week!  But for now I picked up some sun catchers and paint and then them each this wooden model.  Casen and Landon got these old style biplanes and Hayden a firetruck.  They can't wait to do them.  Hopefully it's enough to keep them busy this week.  I'm going to start taking them swimming for an hour a day but our pool doesn't open until the 19th :(

I also got my menu planned for the week, should be good! 

peanut butter banana french toast
applesauce drop donuts
oatmeal cookie pancakes

turkey wraps
tuna pasta salad
ham and cheddar loaf
turkey pesto meatballs
Other sandwiches
pasta salad and fruit salad to go with

O cookies
Chewy granola balls
Double fruit frozen pops
Watermelon slushies
Carrot snack sticks
strawberry muffins
Other fresh and dried fruit, yogurt of course, cheese

Sun-Cheesy mexican chicken with rice and veggies
Mon-Breaded chicken fingers, onion rings and fruit salad
Tues-Slow cooker pork chops, mashed potatoes and sweet carrots
Wed-Mozzarella honey mustard chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and veggies
Thurs-Taco soup
Fri-Saucy baked chops, scalloped potatoes and veggies
Sat-Homemade pizza and salad

Hope everyone has a great first week of summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

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