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Saturday, June 19, 2010

End of Spring Baseball

Well we are done with baseball for the season...kinda sad but happy at the same time man it's getting hot out there!  

Last night was Landon's first tournament game.  They won!  11-6  They were on it last night and kicked some butt :) It was the first time Gail had watched Landon play and he got up there to bat for the first time and he swung and missed she quite loudly goes "Ugh! Landon come on!"  I was NOT happy, told her not to say that kind of crap to him again but he had heard.  His face dropped, he lost his confidence and he did very badly the rest of the game.  He swung at the first 3 pitches each time like he was just trying to get out of there, he didn't look happy anymore.  I was so mad about it.  You don't need to be negative to get him to do better, he has improved so much and is trying his best. But anyways here are a few pictures from that game

Landon playing catcher

Throwing the ball back to the pitcher

 Up to bat

 Some practice swings

Then today they had their 2nd game at 1:30.  It was HOT!!!  The coach seemed off today, his pitching wasn't very good at all.  The ended up losing so they finished the season in 3rd place.  But they tried hard and played a really good game.  The final score was 6-8.  Last game with those kids, in the fall he'll be playing with 3 of them and then an all new team.  Casen's coach said he'd work with him so hopefully he'll be even better come the fall season.  Here are some pics from his game today

With his trophy and coach

Casen had his 2nd game today against a really tough team.  I missed the start of the game but apparently they shut them down quick and then the other team got 5 runs.  So they started out the game down, plus the other team would get last bat.  They fought back though and kept tying it back up.  They played soooo hard but in the last inning that other team got one more run and they called ball game 14-15.  Casen got a few runs and good hits, he played well today.  And pics from his game today :)

Running home! 

Getting his trophy

Casen and Coach Justin

So now baseball is over for the season and I'm about to go and sign them up for fall.  They are both really excited about it and can't wait to practice more this summer with us and hopefully Dallas and his dad too.  But tomorrow we will be relaxing in the pool (hopefully) and taking a bit of a break from baseball this next week.  Hope everyone has a Happy Father's Day!!

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