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Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Schedule and adjustment to marble system

The start of this week had been great, I hope it continues :)  We have started our new summer schedule today, wanted to put something in place so the boys know what's coming up next, I put it on a poster and hung it up for them.  So this is what our days look like now....until we get another car then we will be out of the house all the time! 

Wake up
Breakfast (Landon feeds Maggie)
Brush Teeth
Make Beds
TV time
Activity together-crafts, learning time, swimming, board game, etc
11:30 Lunch (Hayden feeds Maggie)
12 Hayden naptime/Landon and Casen get a book and go read in their rooms then play quietly for a little while
1pm they can get up and watch a movie, play xbox..something quietly while Hayden finishes up nap
2pm snack time
3pm outside play
4pm snack again...they are piggys 
5pm chore time/clean-up time
6pm start dinner
7pm eat dinner
7:30 baths
8 family time
9pm brush teeth, story and bed

Then we changed up the marble reward system some so they could really earn more and see the results faster, at the rate we were going it would have taken 2 mo to fill the jar.  Now we have it where they earn more and have more ways of earning, plus they only have to fill it halfway so if they are doing what they should they should get a reward every few weeks.  Right now they are really excited about it so I hope the excitement keeps up.  

These are their daily "chores" they have to do, if they do it on their own or with only being asked once that's when they earn the marbles, if I have to ask more than once they still have to do it but with no marbles

  • Make bed (+1)
  • Brush teeth in morning and night (+1 each time)
  • Put dirty clothes in basket (+1)
  • Clear dishes from table (+1 each meal)
  • Keep room clean (+2)
  • Put clothes away, I fold them and they put them in their drawers neatly (+2)
  • Clean up after themselves (+3 for doing it all day)
  • Feed Maggie (+1)
  • Read book (+1 for each book)

They can also earn just for being really well behaved we will reward them for that of course.  Then they can help me and Mark out by doing our "chores" or extra stuff just to make our life a little easier.  For each they do they get 3 marbles

  • Help cook
  • Help with whatever cleaning we ask
  • Pick up any trash
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Vacuum
  • Clean their bathroom
  • Help with laundry

Then if they break any of our "House Rules" they will lose one marble

  • Be respectful
  • No lying
  • No hitting
  • No arguing
  • No name calling
  • Don't refuse to do what you're asked
  • No yelling-if we yell we owe them a marble

I think it will be really effective, so far it has been.  Today has been an awesome day.  All 3 boys are actually napping right now.  We allowed them to stay up until 11pm last night but they were all up by 7:30 this morning so they were worn out....Maggie too, as I write this she is sprawled out on her back across the couch :) Once they fill their jar halfway they will be allowed to pick a new toy, video game, have special time with me and Mark doing whatever they want, or get some cash they can save

One more thing.....5 days til our pool opens!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait!!!!  I will be teaching all 3 boys to swim this year...any tips :)

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