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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last games of the season!

Tuesday was Landon's last game of the season, they both have tournaments next week but for regular games.   They won against a great team!!  The final score was 6-5.  Landon got a good hit too!  So proud of how much he's improved.  This was the first time all season that he made it on base when he hit!!  It amazes me how good these kids are lol.  He brought someone home with his hit and eventually made it to 3rd but someone else got out which made 3 so he didn't get to make a run :(  

They finished out in 3rd place for the season.  7 wins 2 losses and 1 tie game.  Not bad :)

Tonight was Casen's last game, again against a really hard team.  Casen's first time up to bat he did awesome!   He hit it hard and far, his coach was even surprised.  He made a couple runs tonight.  Then he got to play 3rd base!  He's only played a base one other time this season and it was when we already had the game one and it was just for fun really.  But this time the ball only came his way once but he got it quick and got the kid out!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was so proud of was mommy and daddy :)  Wish I had my camera to capture that look on his face.  I'm hoping since he played well he will get to play during the tournaments there some too.  

They lost tonight, I think that will put them in 3rd place too 6 wins 2 losses and 2 tie games.  

Their tournaments are next week, it's single elimination so I hope both their teams are on it from the beginning so they can place well!  

We got some shirts made for some of Casen's team, my mom, sister, Hayden and myself to wear to the boys tournaments and for fall season.  We got them today, they turned out great

Hayden modeling his Cubs shirt for Landon's team and Rangers for Casen's
 Mine says Landon's/Casen's Mom on the back with their numbers.  I think they turned out cute, everyone there liked the ones they got too.  

Wish the boys luck in their tournaments next week!!!!!!!

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