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Sunday, June 6, 2010

First week of Summer

I can't believe Landon is officially a 2nd grader and Casen a kindergartener!!!!  How did it go so fast?  This week is the first week of summer!  I really need to figure out more for them to do this summer but for now I went to Michael's yesterday :)

First, we are starting a new reward/discipline "technique".  We went and got them each a jar which we decorated and put their names on and they are going to earn/lose "marbles".  Marbles used to be really common...I couldn't find them ANYWHERE...crazy.  So I got some of the decorative stone type things that you put in a vase....almost like weird shaped marbles.  Got them each different colors so no fighting!  We are going to sit them down tonight and explain the chores, what's expected, how they can earn and what will cause them to lose.  I hope it helps everyone but especially Hayden.  

While at Michael's I also picked up a few crafts for the week.  I've been wanting to order from Oriental Trading with the girls from the forum but I'm having a hard time getting everyone to help me choose.  Hopefully this week!  But for now I picked up some sun catchers and paint and then them each this wooden model.  Casen and Landon got these old style biplanes and Hayden a firetruck.  They can't wait to do them.  Hopefully it's enough to keep them busy this week.  I'm going to start taking them swimming for an hour a day but our pool doesn't open until the 19th :(

I also got my menu planned for the week, should be good! 

peanut butter banana french toast
applesauce drop donuts
oatmeal cookie pancakes

turkey wraps
tuna pasta salad
ham and cheddar loaf
turkey pesto meatballs
Other sandwiches
pasta salad and fruit salad to go with

O cookies
Chewy granola balls
Double fruit frozen pops
Watermelon slushies
Carrot snack sticks
strawberry muffins
Other fresh and dried fruit, yogurt of course, cheese

Sun-Cheesy mexican chicken with rice and veggies
Mon-Breaded chicken fingers, onion rings and fruit salad
Tues-Slow cooker pork chops, mashed potatoes and sweet carrots
Wed-Mozzarella honey mustard chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and veggies
Thurs-Taco soup
Fri-Saucy baked chops, scalloped potatoes and veggies
Sat-Homemade pizza and salad

Hope everyone has a great first week of summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

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