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Friday, June 18, 2010

Casen's first tournament game

Landon had that scrimmage today just to practice and they played really well.  They won, yay!!!!  Tomorrow will be his first tournament game, starts at 7:45 against the Dodgers who they played and pretty much crushed earlier in the season.  So hopefully they will win the game tomorrow and move on to play on Saturday as well.  

Casen's first tournament game was tonight and they were awesome!!!  They were on their game from the second they stepped on the field!  They killed the other team.  They all played so well it was great.  Casen did get out twice but got a run.  He was a bit off all night, I think the heat was getting to him again, they had to run him off the field in the middle of the inning because he was about to start throwing up, but he got cooled down and finished the game fine and was fine tonight.  He'll get a break tomorrow except having to be in the heat while Landon plays but won't have to play himself.  They won 15-6 tonight :)  

Here are some pictures from tonight's game

Posing for me before he went up to bat

Measuring his distance

Ready to go

About to run home

Running home

And he's safe!

Thumbs up for Mommy

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