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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heat Exhaustion

Well yesterday's baseball practice was eventful!

First we had Landon's from 5pm-6:30, he did really well.  He got to learn to play 1st base for the first time and got 2 outs, yay!!!!  He really liked it, he just needs to get better at catching and he'll be really good at it!  After practice was over I talked with his coach about the kids saying they didn't like Landon.  He was not happy about it, but not surprised about one kid in particular.  I told him how it made Landon not want to play in the fall but that he wanted to play ball but not with those kids :(  So he told me he had made the decision and got it approved to move the team up in the fall to kid pitch.  So the only kids staying back will be Landon and 3 others.  The two assistant coaches will be his new coaches.  I told Landon and he has decided to play in the fall!!!  He likes the kids staying behind :)  So that is settled, his current coach said he will have a talk with them all about being team players and all that stuff too.  Everyone was nice to Landon at practice yesterday though so that's good

After that practice ended Mark dropped me, Casen and Landon off at Casen's practice.  We got there 30min early so the boys were playing on the playground for awhile.  Then practice started and they always line up and the coach throws to them, they catch and throw it back to warm up.  Casen kept sitting down so his coach asked if he was ok and he said no his legs were really hurting so he sent him over to me to sit down. I let him sit for a few minutes and then tried to get him to go back and play and he said he couldn't.  His lips were the same color as his skin!  All of the color had drained from his face, he was extremely pale.  So I let him sit with me and he fell asleep for a few minutes then suddenly stood up and said he was going to throw up.  Before I could react he was throwing up everywhere.  He ended up doing it like 6x, tons and tons of water.  His coach came over to make sure he was ok and he calmed down some.  After sitting for a few more minutes he popped up and said he could play and went and finished practice!  Tough guy!  

I'm pretty sure it was heat exhuastion...symptoms

  • heavy sweating (check!)
  • paleness (check!)
  • muscle cramps (check! must have been why his legs were hurting)
  • tiredness (check!)
  • weakness (check!)
  • dizziness 
  • headache (check!)
  • nausea or vomiting (check!)
  • fainting (luckily not!)

Also says the skin might be cool and moist which is was.  Poor guy!  Texas is too damn hot!!!!!!!  He has a game tonight, first game of the tournament, if they win they will continue on and get to play sat at 11:30, if they win that they play again at 2:30 for the final game.  Wish them luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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