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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The things he says

It amazes me the things that come out of the boys mouth...they are hilarious. Landon still is quite funny but he is a bit more reserved, you know with age, what's appropriate, understands more and all his are more jokes now than him saying something and it just sounding funny. I know when he was Casen's age he said the greatest things, too. Now Casen though, he cracks us up all the time. I should really start writing down the things he says because I don't remember alot of what Landon did and it was hilarious. So this is my start...haha

Just this weekend

Casen's "new word" is frustrated haha. Hayden was annoying him and he kept asking him to stop..but of course he wouldn't. So Casen turns to me and says "Ugh I'm so frustrated!!!" then just walks away to ignore fit, no crying or whining, wasn't mean to Hayden. Just expressed how he felt and left it at that lol. Pretty impressive for a 4yr old if you ask me lol

Later that night we were all playing around, chasing them, tickling them all that. Mark had his electric screwdriver on the counter and Casen picks it up and turns to us and says "Ok who wants to get screwed up?!?!?!" hahaha it was great. He has no clue what it means to be "screwed up" which made it all the funnier

Today he came up to me and asked "Mommy, do you know what 2+2+2 is?", I say no, he says "well it's 3 2's which in other words means it's 6!" He's so damn smart! I love it, he amazes us all the time with the things he knows. I got an email about where he should be developmentally for his age and it said the average 4yr old can count to 10...and that most kids that go higher than that do it from sheer memorization and that they are just starting to realize what numbers really mean. Casen counts to 100...and not just from memory, he KNOWS them, he can identify them all by sight too. My smart little boy :)

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