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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We had a pretty busy weekend.  Thanksgiving morning we got up and hung out with the boys for a little while and then got ready and headed over to Gail's for Thanksgiving dinner.  It's about a 45min drive to her house and about halfway there I thought I'd make sure Mark grabbed the diaper bag and other bag I had packed.  The one that I said 3x to make sure he grabbed, including right as I was walking out the door with my hands full.  What do you know?  He didn't.  Ugh!  I had packed everything we would need for Black Friday so we wouldn't have to go back home before going out shopping.  Plus the diaper bag had all of Preston's diapers, wipes and the baby food I had brought just in case he wanted to join us in Thanksgiving dinner.  So when we got almost to Gail's we stopped by Tom Thumb and I ran in to grab those things.  We were about an hour late to her house but it was ok because dinner was running late too.  We had planned to be there from about 2-5 but didn't arrive until 3 and then didn't even eat until 5 so it really pushed us back.  We had to leave soon after eating and head over to Aunt Gigi's to drop the big boys off to stay the night.  

The only picture I got of Preston on Thanksgiving :(  My camera was in the other bag Mark forgot.

We finally made it over to Aunt Gigi's and visited with her, Vic, Andrew, Thomas and Emily for a little bit.  The boys were SO excited to stay...who wouldn't want to stay with Aunt Gigi though?  She's awesome.  We headed out with Preston and went back home to get the things we needed and to plan our attack :)  

After getting home Preston was VERY fussy and had a very hard time falling asleep.  We had decided we didn't want to go anywhere until midnight.  He got a couple hours of sleep then I really didn't want to wake him to take him shopping because of how fussy he was before bed.  But we did it anyway.  

We went to Target first and spent a couple hours in there, took about 20-25min just to get in after they opened.  Then stood in line for well over an hour.  But we got some pretty good deals.  And best part....Preston slept the ENTIRE time!!!  Didn't make a sound even with all the noise around him.  We then went over to Best Buy and just Mark went in to get one thing and Preston woke then wanting to nurse.  So I fed him and then he went back to sleep and we went over to JCP to wait until they opened at 4am.  By then Mark had fallen asleep and I decided to just go in alone instead of waking them.  I got in pretty quick and got in line RIGHT before the line got long.  We were home and in bed by only an hour after they opened, not bad.  

Preston sleeping while in line at Target

Well, Preston slept awesome and Mark and I didn't wake up until I got a phone call at noon!!!!  I felt so bad and called Aunt Gigi and they were good so thankfully.  Mark and I got up and got ready to head over there.  On the way there we stopped by to see Dessa because we had run out of time on Thanksgiving to see her.  Then made it to Aunt Gigi's and Landon was almost in tears because he did NOT want to leave.  Gail had asked to keep them Friday night so we met up with her and gave them to her.  Then we went over to Apple and Carters.  

Overall, we did pretty good Black Friday shopping.  There weren't as many good deals this year though, which was disappointing.  But we got Preston about half done, we need to get him 2 more toys and his highchair then some stocking stuffers like pacis, sippys, snacks and he's done.  We got clothing done for all of them, including pjs to open on Christmas Eve...though we decided to do character ones they'd like instead of Christmas themed ones this year.  And then we got them each 1-2 things so we still have a ways to go for the big boys but a decent start.  

Saturday I got my hair done, which was WAY overdue, hadn't been done since March.  Well this girl was terrible so I emailed the manager today with pictures and I'm waiting to hear back, really hope they redo the highlights.  The cut was done by an instructor so it looks good, I really like that, but the highlights suck.  And I was there over 4hrs!  It was a crappy experience, it's a good thing I've been there a lot of times before and they've always done a great job or I'd never go back.

The color isn't right, didn't stay on long enough I don't think, many of them already look grown out and there are huge spots with no highlights at all.  

So that was a really long day, appt started at 1:30 and didn't get out of there until 5:30, had to feed the baby before we could leave, Mark needed to stop by Fry's plus everyone was starving and we weren't near home so it was pretty late by the time we got home.  

Sunday we went to church then just came home and relaxed all day, watched Cars 2 with the boys, had some delicious quesadillas Mark made for was nice!  

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