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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think I have a co-op problem

Who doesn't like getting a good deal???  I know I do and I can't pass a good deal up!  I have discovered an awesome thing called co-ops haha.  I've done a couple but I've recently done so many!  

First I'm part of 2 groups on Facebook that are just for co-ops and then I also joined which is a forum just for co-ops.  Fantastic!  

Today Preston's new amber necklace arrived, I got it in the next size up though he doesn't need it yet....again too good to pass up!

Then on the way I have a Parking Pal

Teething bling

Then I have an order of 7 Sunbaby diapers on the way too.  I had originally planned to get 12 but decided to cut it back, really 7 is enough with what we have lol.  But $4.30 a diaper??  Hard not to get more!

I think I have a problem......

This week has been pretty boring, not much going on until this weekend.  

Hayden had school today and I had signed him up to be evaluated for fine motor skills, gross motor skills and speech.  I got the paper back today and it said that they weren't able to complete the speech evaluation because Hayden was "too shy"..WHAT???  Since when?  Thought that was pretty crazy lol but it's ok because we know he is delayed a bit in speech and has a full evaluation set up in Feb.  But he is way above average in gross motor skills and he's right where he should be for fine motor skills.  Go Haydy!  Tomorrow he has gymnastics and then on Friday he has school again and it's Mommy Meetup with the ladies from church.  Even though Preston can't really participate in anything I'm going to go anyway, get out of the house.  

Speaking of Preston, he is now 15lbs 13oz!  Woohoo!  I think he was going through a growth spurt the last 2wks or so but it's been much better the past couple of days, he isn't eating nearly as often and is sleeping much better again.  

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