My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Monday, November 7, 2011

We have teeth!

How could I forget to update about this??  

Preston has 2 teeth!!!!!!  They came through on Nov 1st...5mo 1 day old :)  He got both of is bottom front ones the same day.  No wonder the week before was such hell haha.  He's sleeping SO much better since they broke through, back to napping really well and he isn't doing AS good at night.  He used to do 6-9hrs for his first stretch then nurse, then sleep again for 3-4hrs, nurse and repeat.  Now he's doing maybe 5-6hrs if I'm lucky then every 3-4hrs.  Maybe we'll work back up to longer again....either way I think he's sleeping great, still so much better than Casen and Hayden did at this age.  And he's only up long enough to nurse then back to sleep so it's no big deal waking with him at all.  

I weighed him this morning and he was 15lbs 13oz BUT he had just eaten (which I've done a before and after eating weigh in and he takes about 4oz) and the kid hasn't pooped in a good 5-6 days haha.  So he's probably more like 15lbs 5-8oz.  

He tried bananas on Friday for the first time, his tongue thrust reflex is gone now, that's the first time in a week or so we'd tried any food.  He still only wanted a couple bites then started spitting it out though so I stopped offering.  But on Saturday I offered him about 1oz of bananas and he ate it all!!  He really likes bananas apparently.  That is the most he's eaten.  On Sunday I gave him a couple bites of mango...first time....but he wasn't interested.  Think it was too many days in a row of solids, so we are waiting a few more days then will try some more mango.  

And just in case I forgot to update about this too...he now gives kisses!  It is the sweetest thing in the world!  If you have him standing up in your lap you can say "give me kisses" and he will grab both sides of your face, lean in and plant a big open mouthed kiss right on your lips....drool and all.  Adorable <3