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Monday, November 7, 2011

Museum Play Date with New Friends

Thursday we had a play date with a Mom I met through youtube/facebook.  We met at the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History, first time Hayden has ever been.  He had so much fun!  I had fun too :)  She had brought her 3yr old daughter and then 4mo old daughter with her so the kids were all very close in age.  It took a bit for Hayden and her daughter (J) to warm up, they were more playing on their own instead of together.  In the little kids section they have a little store with carts, Hayden was playing with one.  He kept coming over to us asking us what we wanted to eat then going and getting it.  Then he started running back and forth with the cart....being a 4yr old.  Well J wanted a cart but couldn't find one so Hayden disappeared for a minute then came back pushing 2 carts...he had found one for her.  It was really sweet <3  

At one point I had to take Hayden to the bathroom and as I came back in L (other mama) was really upset and telling a chaperone that was there with some kids that looked to be about 6yrs old on a field trip, that they were throwing balls and almost hit little P in the head!  The chaperone's response?  "A little boy that's with yall was pushing a cart around!"  ummm ok???  Isn't that what they are supposed to do with them?!?  Yeah ok, maybe he shouldn't have been running, but he didn't run into anyone, he was playing.  This kid had been told not to throw the balls, and right before this happened Mama L had specifically told him not to throw it and he did anyway and right at her, she had to actually block the baby's head to keep the GOLF ball from hitting her!  Needless to say, she was very upset, rightfully so!  I still can't believe that woman's response!  It's no wonder some kids these days behave the way they do, the adults around them making excuses for them and not addressing the issue.  From what I saw she said nothing to the kid.  They did leave soon after though. 

Not long after that we went to grab some lunch from their cafe.  I think that's when J and Hayden bonded over pickles haha.  J really loves pickles but Hayden doesn't...none of my kids do, aren't they weird??  But he saw her eating them and picked his up and was watching her close and tried his. Still decided he didn't like pickles.  But after they finished eating they were running around playing together while we chatted some more and finished eating, too.  

We had to leave after that to make it home to get the boys.  Actually, had to haul butt to make it home!  Didn't make it in's worst mother, I think so.  The big boys had gone in through the back door though, it was unlocked, smart kids.  Then Landon said Casen said they should eat candy but Landon told him no and they came outside to wait for me.  Would have rather they didn't do that, but they did pretty good seeing they've never been home alone and had no clue where I was lol.  I was home within 5min of them getting home though, so they weren't home long.  

Hayden couldn't stop talking about them for days, he kept bragging to his big brothers that he made a new friend and went to the museum.  But when Mark asked him how it was he said "I had a lot of fun, I have a new best friend, BUT there weren't any monkeys so that was sad" lmao

We really had a lot of fun though, hopefully we can get together again soon.  

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