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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dessa's Baby Shower!

I have been working my butt off lately to plan Dessa's shower.  I wanted it to be just right for her and Chris.  

I finally got it all planned out and yesterday I went shopping with Dessa to get everything.  It took us hours but we got it all done and I dropped her off and headed home.  I had a bunch of stuff I needed to print and thankfully Mark got our printer working, yay!  So I got all of that done, put together her gifts and got things organized then I just couldn't take it any longer and had to sleep.  

Got up this morning and I have been working all day on finishing everything up.  Casen was a huge help, he is so excited for Baby Isaiah to get here.  He helped me make a diaper cake, first one I've ever made...I think it turned out pretty good

The baby shower theme colors were blue and green and then Chris really loves monkeys and Dessa really loves ducks

We then labeled all of the water bottles with super cute labels that Nikki designed

I really love how those turned out, probably my favorite thing.  

I finally got everything done, got myself, Casen and Preston ready to go and headed out....LATE!  I hauled butt.  My maps program told me it would take 30min to get there, so Casen set his timer on his ipod to see if we'd make it in time.  We ended up having to turn around 3x because it was back on some country roads that weren't marked well.  Even with that I made it with 5min to spare haha.  We hurried in and got everything all set up.  Everyone started arriving and we played some games

Winner!  Perfect size

Concentrating hard on the baby word scramble

Baby food tasting game

I was mean and bought a meat one hahahaha

Then we had all the guys race to drink beer out of baby bottles...that were then throw away lol


Happy couple

Everyone said they had a great time and it turned out well.  I'm really glad Dessa and Chris had a good time, especially.  I was so worried it wouldn't be good enough but they seemed to have really enjoyed themselves.  She got lots of great gifts which is always fun too.  I gave her some XS Fuzzi Bunz diapers, 2 newborn goodmamas, 2 covers and a dozen prefolds.  Also made her a cookbook because she is just learning to cook, bought her a really awesome crock pot (I'm totally jealous!) and got her the onesie stickers that have the ages (newborn-3wks and then 1mo-12mo).  

It's been a long day so I'm headed to bed...first big event of the month over!  Next weekend is Thanksgiving with friends...should be lots of fun.  But tomorrow is church so I need to sleep :)

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