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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Casen's repeat hearing test

Just a recap....

Casen had a hearing test done about 2wks ago, he failed.  It showed mild hearing loss in his middle or outer ear, most likely caused from his wax buildup or fluid.  He produces WAY more wax than the normal person, it's ridiculous the amount really.  So we were sent over to our pediatrician to have his ears flushed out.  Really gross BTW.  I then called and set up another hearing test with his audiologist.  

So that appt was today.  His hearing is better!!!!!  It's not perfect BUT his right ear showed that is ear drum is intact and moving and the fluid is starting to work it's way out.  The left ear drum is not moving and no fluid is moving but she said that it's most likely because his ear was so full of wax his ear drum wasn't able to move.  That left ear was worse, had more wax.  She said that she thinks it's going to resolve on it's own and nothing further needs to be done unless he starts asking us to repeat all the time again.  There has been a noticeable improvement in his hearing since having his ears flushed.  So I'm going to buy one of the things to flush it myself.  Our pediatrician will not set up appts to do it, we have to do it as sick visits which for 1 cost me a copay, 2 it's a 30min drive away, 3 sick visits there are ONLY walk ins they don't do appts for sick visits.  We can easily sit there a few hours waiting to be seen.  I can't do that once a month or whatever to keep his ears clear, he has to be in school.  

So now he is going to get evaluated for speech therapy at school to get a bit of help there.  I think it's going to be easily corrected now that he can hear us and himself is actually already a bit better.  So good news all around on that!!!!

Also his new prescription cream for his eczema has fully cleared up his horrible dry skin patches in his ears.  He has a bad patch on his back that isn't fully cleared up but looking much better.  Then his horrible sores on his head are getting SO much better with his new medicated shampoo.  We had tried a couple but this one is a lot stronger and works so much better for him.  So yay!

Then I also called about Hayden's speech therapy today and the soonest they can get him in JUST for the 2hr evaluation is FEB 7th!!!!  Can't believe that.  Then after that he'd start speech therapy.  I really hate it's going to take so long because he really needs some help and his stutter is getting very very bad.  Each day it's a little worse it seems.  

But another thing about speech....Preston started saying mama today!!!!  <3  Not completely sure he knows what it means but he seems to.  He will call me when he's upset instead of actually crying.  He doesn't do it every time so I think he might know because it's like he's calling me when he wants me but he'll cry if it's just upset about something.  Who knows...all I know is it's ADORABLE!!!!


  1. Glad everything seems to be falling into place. Be careful with the ear flushing, my ear Dr. said never to put water into the ear, he flushed mine with a ultra sound treatment.My regular doc had flushed with warm water and they got infected and it was awful, like water in my ear making sloshing sounds and I couldn't hear.Since I had the ultra sound I haven't had any problems and that was 3 or 4 years ago.Best of luck to you and the kids, I'm sure things will be fine.

  2. Yay! Great news for Casen!

    I can't believe the next appointment is Feb 7th.. That's ridiculous!