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Monday, October 31, 2011

5mo and Halloween!

Today Mr. Preston is 5mo old!!!!  It's going by way too fast, makes me sad.  He's doing really well!  Yesterday he found his feet finally :)  He's now about 15lbs 4oz, not sure how long he is.  He's now pushing straight up on his arms sometimes when on his belly and can turn in circles while on his back or tummy.  Still not sitting up, needs full support.  He is still just tasting solids but not really eating anything yet.  

5mo pics

Sucking on his bottom lip, he's started doing that recently

Those toes

Sitting in a restaurant high chair for the first time

And today was also Halloween!!!!  We got our pumpkin yesterday and started to carve it but ran out of time so only got it cleaned out.  

Ready to carve

Casen helping clean it out

Landon getting some of the yuck out

Preston decided he would just watch haha

We just got it cleaned out then dinner was ready and it was already past bedtime.  So the rest was saved for today.  When the boys got home from school we did our chores then they got to paint their pumpkins!  They love doing it, we do it every year.  They always pick a small pumpkin each and they paint it

I thought for Preston's I would put his handprint on it but yeah that was a mess.  I let got of his hand for a second and he grabbed both feet lol.  Then trying to get his hand opened that was covered in paint...yeah just a big mess

So he got a bath while the other boys finished up

Finished pumpkins, left to right
Landon's was a yoda pumpkin, Casen's a rainbow, Hayden's a mess and Preston's 

3 pirates and a parrot

Hayden put  on a show for everyone.  He kept going up and saying "arghhhhh" and posing with his sword, he earned himself a ton of candy lol.  Even one lady brought him back over and dumped tons more in his bag haha.  He loves to put on a show

Casen the pirate

Landon the pirate

Our little parrot, this was before trick or treating, he was so exhausted that after pics I took him inside and put him to bed and Mark took the big boys out

Ready for bed

Finished pumpkin

Their loot

Oh and while out Casen ran into his kindergarten teacher, Mrs Nutt!!!!  He was so excited he just loves her!!!  He was very sad when he started back to school and found out she had moved to another school to teach so he hasn't seen her since the end of last year

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and Happy birthday to my Mom!!!!!!!!!

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