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Monday, October 3, 2011

Genius Baby? I think so.

Today has been a pretty big day for Preston, a few firsts.  

First, last night he slept 9hrs!!!!  Which isn't a first but he's only done it once or twice before!  But then this afternoon he went 6.5hrs between feeds, NEVER has happened during the day!!!  Especially after such a long stretch last night, I couldn't believe it!  He napped 3.5hrs of that time and when he got up I weighed him then fed him and weighed him again...he takes about 4oz :D  He was in such a good mood after that too.  He was sitting in my lap supporting himself really well!  Which was huge, I was just saying yesterday how he is no where close to that and today he surprised me big time!  Then he was laying on the floor and Landon came up to talk to him and said "hi preston!" and he said "hi" right back haha.  I'm sure it was just coincidence but it was great...Landon freaked out about it.  

He's now back asleep, 7pm bedtime tonight apparently.  It's 8:45pm now and it's already been 3hrs 45min since his last feed, I'm interested to see how long he goes.  He's only eaten 5x total since midnight.  

Here are 2 videos from Friday night, he has never laughed that hard before

And 4 mo pics from Friday

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