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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not very much sleep happening in our house lately

*Yawn* I need about 2 days with nothing to do and someone to watch the kids while I just sleep!!!  So tired!  But so much to do.  Here it is 12:30am and I'm up while everyone else is asleep.  Why?  Because we finally got our washing machine back (yayyy it's been broken about 3wks!) and I'm having to catch up on laundry.  It's a good thing it got back today because everyone seriously wore the LAST thing they had to wear today.  So I'm on load number 4 since we got it back this evening.  I got 2 light loads done and a load of jeans, then Mark was ready for bed and I was finishing up folding a load and he asked if I had done a load of darks...oops!  All of his work shirts are in the darks so now I'm waiting up until the jeans dry so I can throw the dark load into the dryer and go to bed!  

Between not getting to sleep at a decent hour...ever...and how often the kidS have been waking up I'm getting very little sleep.  

Seems like every night lately, or almost, one of the biggest boys wakes up with a bad dream and comes to our room in the middle of the night. I then have to get them settled down and tucked back into bed.  And over this past week EVERY single night Hayden has come to get in bed with us.  He did this just about every night before Preston was born but when he was born it was like a switch flipped, he was the big boy now, the big brother and he never came to our room.  I can think of maybe 3x before this week, since Preston has been born, that he had come to our bed.  So I don't know what is going on with that but that's causing both Mark and I to lose sleep.  Last night he came in before we actually even fell asleep so Mark took him back to bed...he was VERY upset about that.  When he does sleep with us he sleeps glued to one of us, whoever he is glued to finally gets tired of it and sends him to the other person because we are sore from not being able to move and sweating to death because he's a little heater.  I need some ideas to get him staying in his bed again!  I don't want to upset him but I get up and down with the baby so much, we had planned to cosleep with him but he doesn't sleep well like that so he's in a crib in our room, that that disturbs Hayden's sleep.  Plus my sleep is already disrupted so many times in the night that having him up against me does even more and, again, I'm barely sleeping.  I need to be able to function during the day and so does Hayden...if he doesn't sleep well he's a little terror and naps almost never happen anymore. 

So....any ideas?  No cry, no being mean, gentle way of keeping him in his own bed all night?

And then there is Preston.  I will say, even though he's going through this rough patch he is still one of our best sleepers.  Landon was the best at this age, at least 12hrs a night straight through.  But Casen and Hayden...we won't even go there.  But Preston had been sleeping 6-9.5hrs his first stretch of the night, usually around 7-7.5hrs.  He would wake to nurse then go back to sleep for 3-4hrs and repeat.  However, now I'm lucky to get 4-5hrs out of his first stretch and 2hrs out of the others...if that!  And that's just the time between his nursing...he wakes at least a few times in between that each time just fussing, needing his paci or his blanket or not needing anything just waking and crying and by the time I walk to him he's asleep again.  His naps aren't that great during the day anymore either.  Just a vicious cycle, if he doesn't nap well he sleeps really bad at night too.  I keep hearing people talk about the "4mo sleep regression" maybe that's what's going on, I don't know, but I hope it doesn't last long...for both of our sakes.  I know he's miserable not getting enough sleep too.  

He sure is cute when he sleeps though, isn't he?

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