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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Landon and Casen's Check-ups

Landon and Casen had their check-ups today.  They are both doing really well.  

Landon first!

He is 51 1/4in tall and 54lbs.  They checked his vision which he did good on, he did miss a couple though so just to be safe I'm having him checked by an eye dr.  They still put him at 20/20 though.  He passed his hearing screen.  All in all he checked out perfectly, yay!!  At least one kid does lol.  She did comment on how skinny he was, just making sure he eats well (which he does) and said he's probably just going to be skinny his entire life.  He's a little under the 25th%...which Casen is too but Landon actually LOOKS super skinny.  

Casen is now 46 3/4in tall and 44lbs.  He actually passed his hearing exam there but they only checked 4 sounds in each ear and he has failed at school 2 different times (the first day she double checked, so really 3 hearing tests) so she is sending him to an audiologist to get a more thorough test done.  His vision was about 20/30 so she wants his eyes checked too.  Then she looked at his skin and referred him to a dermatologist.  She told us to buy T Gel shampoo and use it daily for 2wks, if there is no improvement on his head to bring him back because it might be fungal so she'll give him meds for it then but she thinks it's probably part of all of his skin problems.  She prescribed something stronger for the huge spot on his back and all in his ears, so hopefully that helps him.  Other than that though he's doing really well.  

Really racking up a long list of specialists here lately...

pediatric urologist (preston)
pulmonologist (preston)
optometrist (Landon and Casen)
orthodontist (Landon and Casen)
speech therapist (Hayden)
dermatologist (Casen)
developmental pediatrician (Preston
audiologist (Casen and Preston)

Jeez.  My kids are falling apart lol.  At least nothing is life threatening for any of them...could be worse.  Thankful that they are generally healthy and definitely happy little boys <3

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