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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Preston's 4mo and Hayden's 4yr checkup

Today we had Hayden and Preston's checkups!  

First, Hayden is now 33lbs (fully dressed) which is 22% and 39in which is almost 20th%.  He passed a hearing and vision screening and is doing really well overall.  I did request a speech therapy referral because he can't say words that start with an "s" sound and he's started stuttering the past couple weeks.  But other than that he checked out completely healthy :D  

Preston is now 14lbs 11oz about 35th% though the poor kid hadn't pooped in 8days (until tonight yay!) So I bet he lost a few ounces haha.  And he's 25 1/4in which is about the 55th%.  They suggested I start him on cereal which I told them we wouldn't be doing until he showed signs of being ready, which is isn't and we wouldn't be starting with cereal.  I told her again about him turning purple and this time she took it serious and is sending him for a chest xray and a referral for a pulmonologist.  She said they can run tests and check his lungs again to be sure everything is healing properly and that there isn't something going on that is making it where he isn't getting enough oxygen at times.  

Tonight the big boys are staying with Grandma so we went to dinner just Mark and I and Preston.  He was so good!  He was in a really good mood just giggling away.  Then he started getting sleepy so I laid him next to me on the bench and he went right to sleep so we just sat and talked for awhile.  

On Monday he has his developmental pediatrician appt and then Thurs we have checkups for Landon and Casen (I will be asking for an ENT referral and dermatologist referral) so we will have tons of dr appts coming up.  So all of those plus the chest xray, pulmonologist and speech therapy...going to be busy!  

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