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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Great Weekend!

We had a really great weekend! 

Saturday we took the boys to lunch and then to the Apple of their favorites!  Mark and I were a bit snappy with each other all day, don't know what the deal was but he was just getting on my nerves and apparently I was doing the same haha.  But the boys were being really good so it was nice being with them.  I think it's just been the lack of sleep between Mark working SO many hours lately and Preston not sleeping well most of the week (though he's done MUCH better the past 2 nights).  We went to Costco and they had lots of great gifts for the boys for Christmas so I was trying to show him one and he didn't really like it and I REALLY liked it and he wouldn't listen to why I liked it and I just got really pissed and took the kids to the car lol.  He bought Preston 2 outfits and me a shirt, I guess to try and make up for it haha.  But before I got all mad we found the boys costumes up there!!  All 3 are going to be different pirates :)  They look so cute!  We ordered Preston's costume today....a parrot!!!!  They are all going to look so cute, I can't wait.  

Sweet Preston napping Saturday before we went out

This is Hayden, we told him to get dressed to go and he found these pants and put them on thinking they were his shorts...they are actually Preston's 0-3mo jeans lol

After we left Costco Mark and I weren't talking haha but I had told the boys earlier in the day that I would take them for ice cream.  So I drove over to Braums and we all went in and got ice cream and sat down to eat and suddenly Mark and I were completely fine.  I love that even when we are getting on each other's nerves and being kinda shitty to each other we both are mature enough and love each other enough to just let it go and realize it's not important.  We never get into big fights and the times we do argue it's over in a couple of minutes.  

The boys really enjoyed their ice cream, kept stealing ours after they ate all of theirs.  We gave them each a dollar because we got $3 back after paying, knew they'd really appreciate it.  By that time it was getting late so we headed home and they tried on their costumes, which they love, then they went to bed.  Then I watched the Rangers get killed by the Cardinals...what a terrible game!  

How we found Hayden last night

We had some really bad storms last night, it was nice, but it actually woke me up in the middle of the night which shows how bad it is.  I can only remember one other time in the past few years that a storm has woken me up and we get some bad storms here.  Power got knocked out to our church so when I got up this morning I had an email letting us know services were cancelled.  :(  But we decided to go to lunch again and then took the boys to Target where we found Preston's parrot costume but for more than double the online price!  They wouldn't match it even though it was  So I ordered it and even with shipping it was still more than $5 cheaper ($12 vs $17). While at Target the boys used their $1s to get some candy (which took forever, Preston fell asleep, he had the right idea) and we picked up a few more things then headed home.  

Preston napping on the way out of Target

I dropped the boys and Mark off and then headed out to Dessa's.  Her and Chris got married today!!!!!!  It was just a small ceremony but really great.  Made me all teary eyed to watch my baby sister getting married.  Love them both so much and hope they have many happy years!  Can't wait to meet my nephew, Isaiah, they are going to make wonderful parents!!!!  

The beautiful couple before the ceremony

Exchanging vows

The Kiss

Mr and Mrs Hill

Feeding each other cake

Pregnant lady loves cake

Preston with Nonnie

Mark text this to me when I was on the way home tonight and said he had put Casen in bed and him and Maggie were watching out the window for me <3

When I was looking through the wedding pics I saw one I took of Preston with my mom and remembered I had one just like it of her holding Hayden and Hayden and Preston were almost the exact same age in the pics.  Look at the difference :)

Preston on the left and Hayden on the right.  Hayden was soooooo fat lol.  The one of Preston up close you probably can't tell as much but he's long and lean, Hayden was a chunk, a good 2lbs heavier but I think Preston's face looks older.  They were within a week of each other here.

So I came home and put Preston to bed then watched the end of the Rangers game which was MUCH better, WTG Rangers!!!!  

Tomorrow I have Preston's follow up urology appt, finally.  We will get the full results of his tests he had done.  Praying for good news!  I do hope they tell us they saw something but it's very mild, that way it's not serious but explains why his kidneys keep showing abnormalities on ultrasounds....we'll have answers but he'll be ok.  

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