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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ready for 2011 to just be over

We just can't catch a break, it has been one thing after another since the end of my pregnancy with Preston.  I'm so ready for this year to be over and hopefully next will be MUCH better!  Between my rough pregnancy, induction, LONG labor, Preston being very sick after birth, still dealing with health issues with him, Casen's hearing issues, us getting nails in our tires THREE times, replacing my brakes, my transmission going out, Mark's car having a lot of problems, him wrecking his car, issues with certain family members, the boys getting bad coaches for baseball therefore not wanting to play, dryer broke, washing machine broke and is STILL broken.... the list goes on and ON.  

Today I got in my car to take Hayden to school and 4 warning lights come on!  The Failure of anti-lock braking system light, electronic stability program/brake assist light, brake system warning light and traction control light.  I went over to Heather's work and they scanned and it came back saying it has an "internal anti lock braking system failure".  He was able to reset the codes so we hoped that they would stay off and it was just a glitch.  Nope, as soon as I started driving they came back on.  FANTASTIC!!!!!  Luckily Heather is awesome and is able to get a great price on it to get fixed but it's still more than I can afford right now because of everything else that keeps happening.  So ready for this bad crap to stop happening to us and things to get better.  I keep trying to tell myself it can only get better from here...I keep getting proven wrong.  We need a break.  

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