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Friday, October 21, 2011

Audiologist Appt

First, Preston slept so much better last night!!!!!!  He did wake at about 11pm to nurse but then slept until 3am, woke up and I grabbed him and stuck him in bed with me to nurse.  Usually I doze back off and then wake up like 15-30min later and he's done and asleep and I just move him back to his bed because he doesn't sleep in our bed very well.  Well I woke up 1hr 12min later and he was asleep but STILL nursing!  WOW lol.  I'm sure he wasn't actually getting anything anymore but still haha.  So I moved him back to his bed and he woke up again at 6am, grabbed him again, woke up 35min later to him still nursing lol.  Stuck him back in his bed and got up to get Landon ready for school.

Casen woke up when I was getting him ready, I was hoping he'd sleep in a little.  But then Maggie got out...damn dog.  Thinking it should be a great day with a morning like that.  But I went back to sleep for maybe an hour and then got up and fed Casen and Hayden and got them ready to go.  Dropped Hayden at school and came back home for about 45min until we had to leave for Casen's audiology appt.  

At the appt they tried to do some air test that would tell her if his ear drum was intact and working properly but he had SO much wax that she couldn't even do that.  So she took him in the next room for the hearing test...which he failed, of course.  She said it showed he had mild hearing loss in the middle or outer ear.  She said it might be from the wax, might be from fluid (which they couldn't even see if he had because of all the wax, couldn't see his eardrums) or possibly from something else, but we'd check those 2 first.  She said that when we are talking in just normal voices he's hearing a when it's a quiet room he can usually figure out what we said but if it's loud in the house (when is it not?) then he's probably barely hearing.  Probably why he's been doing fine in school too since it's quiet when the teacher gives instructions.  She suggested we go to our pediatrician and have them flush his ears then come back.  So I did a walk in visit over there  to have that done.  Took FOREVER to get in, but they wouldn't set up an appt for it.  Had to have my mom go pick up Hayden from school, thankfully she could.  

Finally, the dr got back there and flushed his ears, soooo gross, so much stuff in there.  YUCK.  They couldn't even get it all but enough to redo both tests and see his ear drums.  The dr said it looks like he has some fluid back there too, it's just not infected.  So if that's the case he'll get tubes because it's effecting his hearing.  While we were there I had to run outside to put Hayden's car seat in my mom's car so a nurse practitioner sat with Casen talking to him and when I came back she asked if he was in speech therapy :(  So he'll be starting that.  I had noticed that recently he isn't talking as well as he was and his speech isn't progressing like it should.  He used to be MILES above average but because of his hearing it's now effecting that.  They said that he probably won't need it long and it's not bad at all but since they know he has hearing loss it's good to get him in there and hopefully when they fix the hearing issue the speech is easily corrected and he'll go back to how he was no problems.  

I called the audiologist and he goes back to be tested again on Nov 2nd so we'll see how he does then.  Hopefully it was just the wax causing his issues

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