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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A cruel joke

So like I said at the end of that last blog I went to take a hot bath to relax.

I take super hot baths, so hot that when I take my foot out of the water there is steam pouring off of it.  

So tell me why when I got in the tub today I had almost no hot water?  I mean really, what kind of cruel joke is that?  Just wanted a hot bath to relax from the awful day I had and I get no hot water????  No one even had used the hot water recently so why in the world would there be none?  There is no reason, someone is just playing a mean joke on me I'm sure.  We have a huge corner garden tub, I wasn't able to have nearly the amount of water I normally have or it would have been cold..I had to settle for just a little water and a lukewarm bath.  

Thanks a lot.

There was one good thing that happened today...or I guess sweet, not exactly "good"

When Preston was in a decent mood he was standing on my lap and I was holding around his chest and he grabbed hold of my face, one hand on each of my cheeks and pulled me to him and planted an open mouth kiss right on my lips!  He did it with definite intent.  Knows how to give kisses already??  I guess so because he definitely meant to do just that.  Then a few minutes later he leaned in and started sucking on my nose...thanks kid <3  

Even when it's a really really bad day there are little things to show you that it's all worth it in the end.

Now I'm off to bed with my little man, who is awake again, and praying that we have a better day tomorrow and he feels better.  I have both Landon and Casen's parent/teacher conferences tomorrow

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