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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Today I had parent/teacher conferences with both Landon and Casen's teachers.  

First, Preston had a much better night last night and a MUCH better day.  He's still ver congested but not getting any sicker and really that's his only symptom, it's kinda weird.  He isn't struggling to breathe except when he's laying down and that's just because his nose is stuffy not because of his lungs.  It's mostly in his head, I don't hear it in his chest at all so that's great.  He's had a hard time at naps and bedtime today because he will only sleep in his crib, therefore laying down, and he can't breathe laying down.  But he's down for the night now, hopefully he sleeps well.

I got up this morning and took Hayden to school then headed over to Casen's conference.  His teacher said he's doing great.  He's in the 2nd highest reading group but way above level and she said she thinks when she retests them sometime before Thanksgiving he's probably going to bump up to the highest group.  She has no concerns at all with his reading, said he reads very well and comprehends what he's reading really well, too.  He is doing great in all subjects!  I got his report card for the first 9wks....

Language Arts 93
Science 95
Social Studies 98
Math 94

She told me he is very well behaved, responsible, kind and she just loves him.  She said she has noticed his hearing issues because she has to repeat to him a lot for him to fully hear her and just this morning he was reading outloud and she heard him say a word and thought she should talk to speech.  So instead of having his dr refer him to another speech therapist they are going to do it at school, just have to get the referral.  She said it isn't bad at all but it can do nothing but help....I know it's because of his hearing and once that is corrected I'm sure everything will go back to how it was before...him way above level.  So yayyy Casen, he's doing wonderful in 1st grade

I came home and hung out with Preston for awhile.  Tried to take a nap, he wasn't letting me though, had a hard time falling asleep and by the time I got him down I was wide awake.  We played for a bit then I tried some pears with him again.  He seems to like the flavor but still figuring out the swallowing instead of spitting out, so just gave him a few bites and when he kept pushing it out I stopped. 

 I gave him a slice of my apple which he LOVED.  He couldn't hold onto it himself, he doesn't have the motor skills since it was slippery and odd shaped but he wanted it bad so I held it for him and he gnawed on it, probably felt good on his gums.  

Mommy helping

Then we went to Landon's conference.  He's doing really well too.  He's just...Landon.  LOL  He likes to talk, he's very social, he spaces out into Landon World sometimes...but overall he's doing good lol.  I did ask about why he got signed for "using unkind words" because that's not like Landon at all, so she looked it up and then kinda laughed.  She said that a few weeks back he was playing with a little boy...he's black.  And let me say up front, my kids are not racist lol.  They know that certain people are other races...obviously, by the color of their skin BUT they have no idea that some people would think negatively about a certain race or anything like that, that is just not part of their world.  So Landon was playing with this kid and leans over and pretended to bite him then said "mmmm tastes like chocolate"!!!  I almost died, both me and his teacher were laughing.  It was so innocent and it's all his Aunt Dessa and Uncle Chris' fault!!!!!!  Dessa is obviously white, Chris is black.  They are constantly joking in a loving way and every time anyone holds Preston he is trying to eat them, he eats everything he can get to his mouth and Dessa always jokes that he must taste like it obviously came from there.  His teacher said she wasn't going to say anything because it was obvious he meant nothing negative by it but the kid was offended so she talked to him.  She said she could tell he had no idea why the kid would be offended of that it pointing out the fact he was black and therefore different was somehow negative.  Anyway, that's over now, it was no big deal...I thought it was funny.  I did talk to him tonight to try and explain a bit about why it's not ok to point things out or joke about someone's color...still don't think he really understands why it would be so offensive because had it been done in reverse he would have thought it was funny and totally thought he was just being funny.  Oh well.  

So here are his grades

Language Arts 78
Science 96
Social Studies 93
Math 77

She said it's really normal for the first part of 3rd grade for their grades to drop because it's SO different from 2nd grade.  In 2nd it's still a lot of group work but in 3rd grade almost everything is independent.  Also the way they do reading stuff changes too.  She said that he's doing really well and the mistakes he makes are just careless that he rushes through his work and needs to slow down and pay attention because she knows he knows it because his mistakes are just little things.  

So overall both of them are doing really well in school, yay!

Tonight at church it was the costume party for the kids, they had so much fun!!!!  Then we had small group which was really nice.  We haven't been able to make it in a few weeks so it was great to be back there again tonight, we both really enjoy the people there.  There was another couple there tonight we hadn't met yet with a 7mo old and her baby had on....AMBER!  Never met someone else in real life that used it...that I hadn't told about it lol.  Pretty cool

My 3 pirates

Landon and Preston

My 4 men

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