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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Worst day in a long time.

What a day today has been.  

It started by me waking up at 7:04am to realize my alarm hadn't gone off and the boys had missed the bus.  Had to hurry and get them ready so that Mark could take them to school.  While getting them ready for school Hayden woke up, I tried to get him to lay back down in my bed but he didn't go back to sleep.  Then I went to lay down with him after Mark and the boys left and Preston woke up.  Now, normally, when Preston wakes up he may fuss a bit, but often he just lays in there and makes some noise, not fussing, just waking up.  But not this morning.  He woke up screaming!  I got him to feed him, he ate then was laying next to me for a minute then started screeching.  I'm not talking about fussing, not crying, not screaming, screeching...this horrible screech, it was awful.  This continued almost 2hrs straight no matter what I did.  I tried cuddling him, tried getting up and walking him, tried putting him on either side, on my chest, on his belly, on his back, in his swing, playmat, bumbo...nothing would make him stop.  By this point he was exhausted and after him attacking me while I tried to lay next to him to get him to sleep.  He kept grabbing at me and scratching, pinching, pulling at my skin.  I finally gave up trying to lay with him and put him in his crib.  He normally sleeps best in his own bed, by himself.  He does cosleep at night sometimes for an hour or less at a time, but he can only fall asleep with me when he's already been asleep otherwise he just fights it, normally when he's put on his belly in the crib he goes right to sleep, no crying or anything...that's what he likes.  So I tried that and OH NO didn't like it this morning.  He screamed even worse when I fist laid him down but I figured he was already mad and just mad that I wasn't understanding what he wanted.  So I gave it a minute trying to shush him, patting his back, giving him his paci...nothing worked.  I had to walk away for a few minutes.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  He finally would settle down for a few minutes in his crib with me shushing (when I came back after a minute, couldn't take any longer than that).  When he'd calm down I'd walk away and he would be ok for a few minutes but then the screeching started again.  So repeat shushing, patting, picking up to calm (he was finally starting to respond to me trying).  He eventually fell asleep.  It was awful.

I've, of course, had days with the older boys when they were super fussy but never anything like this.  I've never had a baby be just completely inconsolable like that.  Casen was a super fussy baby, no one could even touch him but me until he was about 7mo.  But there was always a fix with him, if I held him he would calm down, if I nursed him he would calm down...something always worked right away.  But just NOTHING would work for Preston.  

So that set the tone for the entire day, he's been like that on and off all day long.  He has nursed 9x...usually does 6-7x a day, sometimes 8x.  I'm sure we'll get to at least 10x today...if not more.  He had a couple times today that he was in a decent mood, but still not himself.  His eyes have been glossed over all day, he's still congested, something is obviously wrong but he really doesn't seem that sick.  Like besides those two things he's ok.  Well and the crying of course.  But no fever, very little coughing, only seems to cough when he sucks in too much snot then starts coughing a bit.  He hasn't let me set him down all day but I had so much to do.  

Somehow between all of that, thanks to the 3 big boys help, I managed to get 4 loads of laundry washed and all of those plus 2 that I had in baskets clean folded and put away.  Cleaned the kitchen and straightened up both living rooms.  But this evening he was really fussy again, the big boys went and watched a movie and I laid back in my bed in the dark with him and he finally calmed down.  He fought me for awhile but did eventually fall asleep next to me in the bed.  I don't know how I managed to stay awake because I'm completely exhausted..but I did.  Mark didn't make it home until 8:30.  I hadn't had any time to make the boys dinner so he picked up Jack in the Box and they didn't get in bed until about 9pm...usually we put them down about 7:30, 8 at the latest.  

On top of all of that my computer decided to crap out on me today and won't load up anymore.  It was doing that this morning but it finally did turn on and worked for a little while.  I took some super cute pics of Preston today when he was laying on a blanket relaxing quietly for a VERY short period of time today, and I uploaded them to the computer.  Well since my computer started acting up every time I put pics on that computer I save them on my memory card instead of deleting them until I can put them on Mark's computer.  Well, today since I was so distracted I hit delete photos.  Well my computer froze up and I turned it off and since then it will NOT turn back on.  Took my hard drive out and plugged it into Mark's computer when he got home and I can access everything but my iphoto library...where the pics yeah, those pics are probably now gone forever.  So sad because he's 21wks today so they were for that, but they were also just really sweet.  So now the pics are gone and my computer no longer works....just make my day a little better...thanks.  

I'm now going to go relax in a hot bath and pray Preston doesn't wake up for a couple more hours......

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